Friday, May 23, 2014

#random meetup and stuffs

Had a great meet up with some of my friends before the start of my exams.
All these were taken before my exams break or in between the break.
Nonetheless, I glad that I manage to meet some of the girls since we hardly meet. Haha.
I really think we should meet up more often, it seem like our full attendants meet up is an annual affair. HAHA!

Had a short meet up with Vivien to try out Stranger's Reunions because I told her I will accompany her to try out the foods over there. Pretty expensive once again even though we didn't really order much. Glad that I manage to keep my promise too! Heehee! Always great to meet up with old pals and having small talk for hours.

Miss having same classes with her and all the other polymates!

 photo IMG-20140319-WA0002.jpg  photo IMG-20140319-WA0001.jpg 
Meetup with the girls after many months!!! 
We had Nene chicken and we can't stop making fun of the name. HAHA
Especially Jannah ordered their special nene pok! 
The chicken is not too bad, but I don't really think it is fantastic. 
Well, it's the company that counts right??
Let's make it at least every 6 months? HAHAH
Annual affair seem so far away! :'(
 photo IMG-20140413-WA0004.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0003.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0001.jpg

Recently, Bedok point (not mall) had some revamp and my mum wanted to try out the new cafe. Since I have never try before we decided to try it while waiting for Nicole's classes to end.
It's the OWL cafe and I think it is not bad too. Not the best but I think the foods standard are still acceptable.

 photo 20140406_170606.jpg  photo 20140406_170504.jpg  photo 20140406_170630.jpg  photo 20140406_170702.jpg  photo 20140406_172111.jpg  photo 20140406_170912.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0006.jpg photo IMG-20140413-WA0005.jpg  photo IMG-20140413-WA0007.jpg

I think I would want to try out their desserts soon.
Their main course menu are limited but not too bad.
Personally, I think you can give the soup a missed because as shown on the picture it look really blend but I remember it was quite salty.

Other than that, the rest seem pretty nice but the portion are a little small if you're very hungry.

Till then,

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