Sunday, May 18, 2014

Taobao hauls #2 ; 65 daigou

Hello everyone!

I'm here to do another round of Taobao hauls! You can read my previous order over here!
Seriously, there are so many things to buy and shop on Taobao and the prices are definitely way more affordable than what you can find in Singapore.
Maybe the quality isn't the best but well, you get what you paid though.

I even manage to find almost everything that is currently selling on some super popular blogshop.
They are definitely making a lot more profits because most of the items I got are less than 10 bucks! Especially dresses! Of course, there are some that are slightly more expensive but nothing more than $20 as compare to blogshop that are selling it almost at $30 nowadays.

They seriously think everyone is printing money or what. But still, I do ordered from blogshop but mostly those that manufacture their own or I really really really like the design. If not, just do a quick search at Taobao and you can find the exact pieces at cheaper price.

This time, I have gotten like almost 9 dresses and a few accessories total up the bill excluding shipping was only SGD$51! I can't believe it! Even now, with $50, I can only get like 3 clothing items from Bugis street. Really sad.

So, I decided to venture out and try making a YouTube video. Please be kind okay! Haha.
It's super duper weird but hey, never try never know right? I recorded it using my macbook webcam so ya, the quality it pretty bad.

Back to 65daigou although taobao now offer forwarding to Singapore directly through their site I will still stick to 65daigou because they have the best customer services for now.

It's really easy to shop via 65daigou because all you have to do is to add the link to the search bar and most of the details will be input automatically for you. How convenient is that! Like I say, the only downside is the agent fee that can be quite expensive, other than that I find the shipping still acceptable. There are lower shipping price around example, the forwarding company that Taobao uses to forward order to Singapore. Although there will be no agent fee, but I rather trust 65daigou as they seem to be very responsive if I encountered any problems.

I'm not very sure if I had mention this before on my previous post, but all their status are updated on real time! From the moment they received your payment to placing your order, dispatch etc. You get really excited to see the status change until it reach the "Ready for shipment" status! Haha! That's like a mini enjoyment for me and puaysee whenever we checked the status on our phone through their apps!

I have enquire a few times and most of the time I get really good response. Not the fastest response but we have to be reasonable also. The longest I had ever wait for a response was 2 days. Which wasn't that bad as compare to others that I have encountered before. I have waited for a week for response before! (*cough singpost cough*)

Therefore, I'm a happy paying customer who can't stop shopping over there!
Plus, they many different locations for you to collect your items! No need to fear that the parcel will go missing like what Singpost did to me and my sis ASOS order that contain my stuffs too!

So sign up now at 65daigou and start shopping like me! Haha or like my puaysee! She has already become their VIP! So her agent fee will charge at a lower price as compare to me. She's like the queen of taobao! She can buy literally ANYTHING over there! Haha!

I am going to try their USA service soon. Since I'm always ordering from USA for certain items that I can't find in Singapore but absolutely love using it! Maybe I will do a post about it again once I gotten all my USA order!

Oh ya! Before I forget, 65daigou not only cater to Singapore but they do service to Thailand, Australia and Malaysia!!

Sorry for the lengthy post!
Till then,

p/s: The link is my own link that generate points for me and the person who sign up.

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