Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rebel Nude Glossy Stain in #104 Fuchsia Tomboy

Hello everyone!
I FINALLY bought another YSL lip product.
Initially I wanted to get another lipstick, but none of the one I wanted was available.
Even this lip stain wasn't the one I wanted but I just want to get something from duty free!!
Don't even have time to check out my Dior stuffs :[

Anyway, back to this.
I didn't even have the time to google about this product before purchasing but I heard good and bad stuff on this product on Youtube but still.. I just get this colour.

As compare to the YSL Rouge lipstick, the packaging for this wasn't as classy as that and it's made from plastic material. Nonetheless, it still a good product that I don't feel like I wasted any money.

However, the name of this product is really misleading.  Although it is call Rebel Nude glossy stain, it is not nude at all. Majority of the colour from this line are not nude! Definitely glossy and a stain.

 photo SAM_3979.jpg  photo SAM_3982.jpg  photo SAM_3980.jpg 

This is the swatch for #104 Fuchsia Tomboy look like. Really lived up to the name.
Fuchsia. I didn't thought that it will be as bright as it show up because my lips are pretty pigmented.
I guess that's why it is worth paying so much for right?

I never like using lip gloss at all, but it is more toward stain so I decided to give this product a try.

 photo SAM_3983.jpg 
 photo SAM_3991.jpg
^ My natural lip colour 

 photo SAM_3986.jpg 
^ Swatch on my lips

 photo SAM_3989.jpg
^How the stain actually look like after blotting

All in all, I find that this lip stain has a funny smell.
Unlike the lipstick that has a nice mango scent. This to me smell more like plastic.
I like the application though. Soft and angle well to make it apply easier even without mirror.

Because this is a stain, I feel it not as long lasting as I initially thought it would be.
Still, it last through few hours and lunch with me. So I guess it wasn't that bad.
You would need a lip remover to remove this fully because it doesn't came off easily through normal facial cleanser.

That's all for this review.
I hope you girls enjoy it!
You can read my previous YSL lip product review over here

-Gwen (:

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 2

Hello everyone!
I'm here to update on my Taiwan trip for Day 2.

We had a "great" morning because we started our day with earthquake.
There was a 5 degree earthquake at Hua Lian.
Even though it wasn't in Taipei, we can still feel the shakiness.

Actually, I didn't feel anything until my mum woke me up. I guess I was so tired that I feel nothing about it. My mum actually felt it and my eldest sis called our room to make sure we are fine.

Anyway after being awake, we then prepared ourselves before heading down for our breakfast. Frankly speaking the breakfast wasn't a spread but still, it does have the basic such as eggs, sausages, orange juice and breads. Enough to eat, but definitely would be better if we were to head out to have local breakfast.

 photo 20140521_091321.jpg 
After having a filling breakfast, I headed out to the nearest mall with my eldest sis to get ourselves a pair of sandals because we didn't bring any for this trip. Well, everyone were telling us how hot the weather would be in Taiwan etc. 
In the end, only toward the end of our trip we get fine weather. Basically it was raining throughout my trip. =.=

 photo 20140521_110934.jpg

My best companion through the trip. Both are bought in Taiwan. 
 photo 20140526_134805.jpg
Toward the noon, My 2nd sis and I headed out to 五分铺 all by ourselves by taking cab. 
It wasn't that bad at all. 

The uncle is very friendly and chatted with us from time to time. 
Not those annoying one but there are definitely some that talk too much. Because on our way back we took cab as well but the uncle was really.... talking ALOT. 

 photo SAM_3834.jpg  photo SAM_3836.jpg 
We shopped from early noon all the way till late noon. Finally found a place where we can have lunch and it was really cheap!! (ranging from NT100 ~NT390. There are some that sell really expensive)

I have no idea where exactly is the location of the store but it is in some dark alley. 
I think the burger was 1 of the best! Not really in term of taste but in term of their ingredients. 
I ordered cod fish burger and you can really eat 1 big piece of cod fish and its cost less than SGD$3!
Totally worth it! 
  photo SAM_3838.jpg  photo 20140521_150330.jpg 
Happened to know that Apple was also in Taiwan! So I whatsapp-ed her immediately to know whether will we have the chance to meet each other!
Just nice she was around my hotel area and managed to meet up with her for a short while before going for my dinner. I had never bumped into any friends/ meet any friends during oversea! So glad to have a short meet up with her and talked over milkshake!! 
Can't wait to meet up with her soon in Singapore!
  photo 20140521_185859.jpg  photo 20140521_185904.jpg 
I had my dinner at this restaurant which was almost 2 streets away from my hotel. I think I am really brave to walk in the rain, not knowing exactly how to get to the place alone.

My phone's wifi got cut off during my meet up with Apple, so I didn't know my family was heading out for dinner until I reached back my hotel room and realised they sent me message and took my umbrella! T.T So, I wore my cardigan and asked the hotel reception for direction before heading out to find the restaurant. 

Ought to give myself a pat on the shoulder for being so brave. Haha!
We went to this Japanese BBQ restaurant called Gyu - Kaku. Heard from my sister that they actually have a few outlets in Singapore but really expensive! 

The one in Taiwan has really good customers' service and they are more initiative and attentive as compare to Singapore. Plus it was really affordable as compare to Singapore. We had meal for 5 adults and 2 kids meals in total cost less than SGD$100! 
 photo 20140521_192132.jpg  photo 20140521_192140.jpg 
Last stop, we headed to 西门町 to shop, eat and buy some snacks back for my mum. My mum didn't went with us because Nicole want to stay in hotel and watch tv. LOL!
Anyway, I was eating some street food call 炸弹葱油饼. Really tasty! But super oily. I think that's why I gained weight. HAHA!
We managed to went to Stage but no luck in seeing Show. I didn't get anything too since J doesn't like Stage item anymore. Another must try in 西门町 was 阿宗面线! Even J texted me to go eat the moment I told him I was in 西门町. Oh ya, shopping. If you want to get shoes right, do get them in 西门町! Majority are selling at NT390! 
 photo 20140521_221201.jpg  photo 20140521_221456.jpg 
Anyway when I went  五分铺 with my 2nd sis. my mum and eldest sis brought Nicole and Rayden to some kids playground. No idea where my eldest sis went but my mum brought Nicole to this place called Baby Boss

It was an amusement park that allows kids to role play and experience different type of jobs. However, everything were in Chinese and Nicole wasn't brave enough to be alone in the "class" or room. So after playing 3, she gave up. HAHA!

But heard from my mum, there were a lot of Taiwan kids/ family. They get to wear different costumes and even have the equipments for the jobs. However, the downside was you can't choose the job. They have a specific timing for different jobs. Therefore, you can only choose to skip if you didn't want to try out that or wait till you get the timing for the job you want. 

Definitely a place you might want to bring your little one to experience if they can understand Chinese. It really different and my mum say the environment was great. Just that Nicole was stubborn. Haha! 

 photo SAM_3993.jpg
You can click the website over here
And the address I can get is 
台北市 105 松山區

I'm sure most people had heard of the slashing case in Taiwan MRT.
My mum and eldest sis family nearly board that train.

Thank god they didn't and change their plan to go to 101 instead.
I can't imagine if they board the train and went to that station. 
That's all for Day 2. 

Indeed filled with many "adventures".

Till then,
-Gwen (:

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

US Hauls!

Yup, You didn't see the tittle wrongly.
I'm doing a US hauls without going to America.
As most people will normally order through Vpost, comgateway or 65daigou as the middleman to ship US products to us.

However, the shipping can be expensive if you are not ordering a lot because the 1st 500g already cost 13 to 14 SGD. Unless I am making a huge order, normally I would join spree to save on the shipping cost.

But 1st, let me show you what I bought recently.

 photo SAM_3954.jpg 

These are the items I got recently. Usually I would order ELF too, but recently they aren't having any special promotion and I'm not running short of anything. Also, Children clothing! I always ordered Carters & Oshkosh clothing for Nicole. Personally, I think they have the best children clothing. Super  good quality and worth every penny I paid. 

Let's get started on my drugstore order. I always order my stuffs from because they have more variety and cheaper as compare to Singapore. Most of the items I gotten are those you can't find in Singapore yet.

 photo SAM_3960.jpg 
1st up, EOS shaving cream. EOS is definitely not a new brand in Singapore although we don't see it in any physical shop. It is because of the Youtube culture, most blogshop are selling their lip balm. However, they always marked up the price by a lot! And I heard there are fake lip balm in the market now!!!

Although I do use "fake" product (e.g: my 3ce lipgloss from taobao) but at least I know that is fake and am using on my own risks,  but those blogshop seller may not even know what they are selling are fake. So, buying directly from the US is the safest and cheaper

Back to the shaving cream, I have never used any shaving cream prior to these so I have nothing to compare it against to. However, this is really the best shaving cream! I like how it is lotion like, and does not irritate my skin when I wet shave. Normally I would get shaving bumps/abrasion easily even using condition as a base. 

This does not give me any problem at all!! And it shave my armpit super clean!! 
Currently I'm using the pomegranate raspberry scent, OMG I can keep smelling my armpit because the scent is super nice!!! 

And the shipping do take quite awhile, therefore I ordered another 2 more as backed up! 
See how much I love this EOS shaving cream! 

 photo SAM_3961.jpg  photo SAM_3964.jpg 

Next up, is another product highly raved by many youtubers. Wet n Wild lipstick. 
I love these lipstick TTM! It is really affordable. I think after shipping, handling and local postage, the lipstick cost about SGD$5 to 7? I'm not very sure but it is super worth every single penny. 

These lipsticks have a matte finish and it is super pigmented however, it is on the drier side. These 2 are the perfect dupe for MAC and Limecrime lipstick! Pinkerbell is the dupe for MAC's Viva Glam Nicki and Just peachy is the dupe for Lime Crime’s Babette. This whole line have many dupes for many high end lipstick. 
Just google it and you can find a whole list on it. 

But seriously, these lipsticks are the best other than the stupid packaging. 

 photo SAM_3972.jpg  photo SAM_3973.jpg  photo SAM_3977.jpg 
Last item I got was this Maybelline Fit me powder. I don't remember whether did I used it already, but either way let's just treat it as I haven't start using. Haha. 

I was really skeptical when I ordered this because I have no idea what shade should I order. I google lots of reviews trying to find which shade will I be. 
Luckily, I got the correct shade in 220 (let's just assume it is because I can't try out the other shade anyway) and I think the powder is really fine and smooth! Can't wait to start using this once I'm done with my current powder. 

I don't think Singapore carry this line yet, but there are really ALOT of shades to choose from. I think 28? That's really ALOT! So, you can give it try if you are looking for a new pressed powder and want to try something that Singapore does not carry. They have a lot more line that Singapore does not carry. Even those the Singapore carry, over at is way cheaper. E.g Revlon color balm stick. 

Next is bath and body works. I know MBS already have their flag store but I am too lazy to go all the way down to MBS to buy. I heard it was more expensive too. No idea, but I don't mind buying from the local store but I just want to add on more items to make my postage worth it. Haha.

I really love using hand sanitiser and I always wanted to try out their hand sanitiser because of those you tubers! And yes, their scents is OMG SO NICE!

 photo SAM_3968.jpg  photo SAM_3969.jpg 
The sanitiser holder is so adorable too!!!!! 
Perfect for the summer!~
 photo SAM_3971.jpg

So, where did I ordered all theses from?
I ordered through my favourite LiveJournal spree Yanting-spree
No, this is not a sponsor post (although I wish it was so I can save on shipping haha).

Because most items I ordered are really small, and I think it is more worth or money saving to order through her sprees rather than order through those middleman company.

I do have to say, sometime her handling fees are quite expensive. Therefore, order from her when you are not ordering a lot or don't mind paying the extra handling fee. Her exchange rate are on the higher side too. But I feel safe order through her because I haven't had any bad experiences yet.

It all boiled down to whether you are ordering a lot or whether you find it worth paying the extra charges that she charge. For me, I definitely will order through her because I am not ordering a lot and I can combine a few sprees just to make my postage worth it.

But the waiting time varies and sometime sprees do get cancel when the response isn't great.
Not too worry, she update the spree-ers very promptly and that is what I like about her. She don't give sloppy email but every single update she received, she would email us. I like it! Haha. At least I know what is going on.

Join me at to start shopping all the US goodies and ordered brands that Singapore does not carry! You can save your money too! Because make up are pretty cheap over there!!

-Gwen (:

Saturday, June 7, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 1

Hello everyone!
I'm here again finally blogging on my Taiwan trip that happened not too long ago.
It's a family trip that included 2 little kids so, our trip wasn't well planned and also there are many hiccups because of the weather.

I will include those hiccups on the day post itself so as not to spoil the "fun".

As usual, every trip will have to begin in Changi Airport right?
So, after shopping at duty free, we went to Starbucks to chill before boarding our plane for the next 4 hours.

 photo SAM_3822.jpg  photo SAM_3823.jpg  photo SAM_3824.jpg  photo SAM_3825.jpg  photo SAM_3826.jpg 

Surprisingly Nicole was quite well behaved on the plane except for singing out loud her Frozen songs. Haha. At least she didn't run around and bothering others. Not bad for her for sitting for 4 hours! Plus it was her first time flying! 

Rayden was either sleeping or disturbing my eldest sis. I think it was really funny how he fall asleep on my eldest sis lap. Haha. 

 photo IMG_13464081010424.jpeg 
Naughty boy sit like a boss on luggages. Not to worry about his safety, He gripped on the bar super tightly. 
We reached our hotel at about 7 plus which was really late due the peak hour jam. At least we managed to make it to our hotel before the pouring start. 

Since we were pretty exhausted from the flight we decided to settle our dinner at a fast-food chain near our hotel. I was shocked by their fast food standard. It's like wayyyyyyy better than Pastamania. 
And it was super cheap or rather affordable too! Fastfood price! 

 photo SAM_3830.jpg  photo SAM_3828.jpg  photo SAM_3829.jpg  photo SAM_3832.jpg  photo IMG_13400074235520.jpeg 

For those who are wondering where I stayed during the trip, I stayed at The Tango Hotel (as shown on the photo the blue light building) Zhong Shan outlet. It is super convenience. The MRT exit is just in front of the hotel. And there are SO MANY shops / malls etc to shop just along the 2 streets. Even though I didn't managed to shop finished due to some constraint. 

 photo SAM_3833.jpg

We didn't do much for the 1st day as we reached quite late, so after dinner I just shopped around the hotel area to get myself familiar. There are many street vendors too! 
However, I only managed to shop awhile before the rain start pouring again :(

Will blog about Day 2 soon! 
-Gwen (:

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 Degree Ice Art 2014

A couple months ago, Claire suggested going to the 2Degree Ice art since none of us went before and I really want to go too. So, Terence helped us bought the vouchers from which was really a good deal as it include the ice mug for the ice bar.

I think we paid about SGD$29 per pax for the tickets which include rental of jacket and glove including the ice mug which cost SGD$19 without the deal (Which I personally feel it's super not worth paying $19 for an ice mug which you will destroy after drinking).

Anyway, I didn't brought my camera along and so these are the only few photos that I got from Claire and Vivien.

I would say it's worth the experience and it is REALLY REALLY COLD. I'm not someone who is extremely scare of cold but I can literally feel that my contact lens will drop of anytime because it is so cold and dry.

My hands are basically numb until I leave the place. Drinking with the ice mug was like a torture. Haha. Because it was super cold. I think the ice bar was colder than the exhibition itself.
But overall, it was fun. And I think my Dr Marten was super useful. Haha.

 photo IMG-20140329-WA0003.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0006.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0005.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0004.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0009.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0008.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0012.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0019.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0024.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0025.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0026.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0034.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0032.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0031.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0035.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0037.jpg

There are definitely more stuffs to see but the exhibition itself wasn't really big. We were guessing it will be too cold to stay inside for long anyway. Haha.

But I would say, give it a visit and experience the coldness. I think the exhibition will end around this month (22 June 2014). Don't quote me on this, do check out their website over here before buying from groupon or

Of course you can purchase the tickets directly from their website or at the location itself.

I had fun and I hope whoever visit the exhibition have fun too!!!
Do wear warmer clothes if you are afraid of cold because IT IS VERY COLD!!!

-Gwen (: