Tuesday, June 3, 2014

2 Degree Ice Art 2014

A couple months ago, Claire suggested going to the 2Degree Ice art since none of us went before and I really want to go too. So, Terence helped us bought the vouchers from deals.sg which was really a good deal as it include the ice mug for the ice bar.

I think we paid about SGD$29 per pax for the tickets which include rental of jacket and glove including the ice mug which cost SGD$19 without the deal (Which I personally feel it's super not worth paying $19 for an ice mug which you will destroy after drinking).

Anyway, I didn't brought my camera along and so these are the only few photos that I got from Claire and Vivien.

I would say it's worth the experience and it is REALLY REALLY COLD. I'm not someone who is extremely scare of cold but I can literally feel that my contact lens will drop of anytime because it is so cold and dry.

My hands are basically numb until I leave the place. Drinking with the ice mug was like a torture. Haha. Because it was super cold. I think the ice bar was colder than the exhibition itself.
But overall, it was fun. And I think my Dr Marten was super useful. Haha.

 photo IMG-20140329-WA0003.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0006.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0005.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0004.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0009.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0008.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0012.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0019.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0024.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0025.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0026.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0034.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0032.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0031.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0035.jpg  photo IMG-20140329-WA0037.jpg

There are definitely more stuffs to see but the exhibition itself wasn't really big. We were guessing it will be too cold to stay inside for long anyway. Haha.

But I would say, give it a visit and experience the coldness. I think the exhibition will end around this month (22 June 2014). Don't quote me on this, do check out their website over here before buying from groupon or deals.sg.

Of course you can purchase the tickets directly from their website or at the location itself.

I had fun and I hope whoever visit the exhibition have fun too!!!
Do wear warmer clothes if you are afraid of cold because IT IS VERY COLD!!!

-Gwen (:

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