Saturday, June 7, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 1

Hello everyone!
I'm here again finally blogging on my Taiwan trip that happened not too long ago.
It's a family trip that included 2 little kids so, our trip wasn't well planned and also there are many hiccups because of the weather.

I will include those hiccups on the day post itself so as not to spoil the "fun".

As usual, every trip will have to begin in Changi Airport right?
So, after shopping at duty free, we went to Starbucks to chill before boarding our plane for the next 4 hours.

 photo SAM_3822.jpg  photo SAM_3823.jpg  photo SAM_3824.jpg  photo SAM_3825.jpg  photo SAM_3826.jpg 

Surprisingly Nicole was quite well behaved on the plane except for singing out loud her Frozen songs. Haha. At least she didn't run around and bothering others. Not bad for her for sitting for 4 hours! Plus it was her first time flying! 

Rayden was either sleeping or disturbing my eldest sis. I think it was really funny how he fall asleep on my eldest sis lap. Haha. 

 photo IMG_13464081010424.jpeg 
Naughty boy sit like a boss on luggages. Not to worry about his safety, He gripped on the bar super tightly. 
We reached our hotel at about 7 plus which was really late due the peak hour jam. At least we managed to make it to our hotel before the pouring start. 

Since we were pretty exhausted from the flight we decided to settle our dinner at a fast-food chain near our hotel. I was shocked by their fast food standard. It's like wayyyyyyy better than Pastamania. 
And it was super cheap or rather affordable too! Fastfood price! 

 photo SAM_3830.jpg  photo SAM_3828.jpg  photo SAM_3829.jpg  photo SAM_3832.jpg  photo IMG_13400074235520.jpeg 

For those who are wondering where I stayed during the trip, I stayed at The Tango Hotel (as shown on the photo the blue light building) Zhong Shan outlet. It is super convenience. The MRT exit is just in front of the hotel. And there are SO MANY shops / malls etc to shop just along the 2 streets. Even though I didn't managed to shop finished due to some constraint. 

 photo SAM_3833.jpg

We didn't do much for the 1st day as we reached quite late, so after dinner I just shopped around the hotel area to get myself familiar. There are many street vendors too! 
However, I only managed to shop awhile before the rain start pouring again :(

Will blog about Day 2 soon! 
-Gwen (:

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