Saturday, June 21, 2014

Yves Saint Laurent Rebel Nude Glossy Stain in #104 Fuchsia Tomboy

Hello everyone!
I FINALLY bought another YSL lip product.
Initially I wanted to get another lipstick, but none of the one I wanted was available.
Even this lip stain wasn't the one I wanted but I just want to get something from duty free!!
Don't even have time to check out my Dior stuffs :[

Anyway, back to this.
I didn't even have the time to google about this product before purchasing but I heard good and bad stuff on this product on Youtube but still.. I just get this colour.

As compare to the YSL Rouge lipstick, the packaging for this wasn't as classy as that and it's made from plastic material. Nonetheless, it still a good product that I don't feel like I wasted any money.

However, the name of this product is really misleading.  Although it is call Rebel Nude glossy stain, it is not nude at all. Majority of the colour from this line are not nude! Definitely glossy and a stain.

 photo SAM_3979.jpg  photo SAM_3982.jpg  photo SAM_3980.jpg 

This is the swatch for #104 Fuchsia Tomboy look like. Really lived up to the name.
Fuchsia. I didn't thought that it will be as bright as it show up because my lips are pretty pigmented.
I guess that's why it is worth paying so much for right?

I never like using lip gloss at all, but it is more toward stain so I decided to give this product a try.

 photo SAM_3983.jpg 
 photo SAM_3991.jpg
^ My natural lip colour 

 photo SAM_3986.jpg 
^ Swatch on my lips

 photo SAM_3989.jpg
^How the stain actually look like after blotting

All in all, I find that this lip stain has a funny smell.
Unlike the lipstick that has a nice mango scent. This to me smell more like plastic.
I like the application though. Soft and angle well to make it apply easier even without mirror.

Because this is a stain, I feel it not as long lasting as I initially thought it would be.
Still, it last through few hours and lunch with me. So I guess it wasn't that bad.
You would need a lip remover to remove this fully because it doesn't came off easily through normal facial cleanser.

That's all for this review.
I hope you girls enjoy it!
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-Gwen (:

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