Friday, July 25, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 4 part 2 and Day 5

We went to 东区 later that night because my brother in law want try this particular restaurant.
Plus I wanted to go to the different label stores to buy something for J.

I managed to see xiao gui in his shop! OMG
Super regret not asking him for a photo!!! And my brother in law said I'm really lucky! He went a couple of time and have never bumped into any artists but I DID!!! OMG hahaha!

But personally I think 1 of his staff is handsome than him. HAHAHA!!
I think my mum reaction was really funny. She keep asking me to take photo with him.
Maybe I should the next time I bumped into any artists. Do tell me how to approach them if you ever encounter! HAHAHA

Side track a little, I did purchased something from his shop AES for J because it was the most affordable label I can paid without using card. Haha. Actually I wanted to buy clots but it really way over my budget and I think my mum will scold me when she saw the bill. HAHA

Back to the food!

We went to this restaurant 度小月 (Tu Hsiao Yueh / du xiao yue) which I have no idea where it's exact location.
It was really crowded and to be frank, I don't think the portion was enough as a meal.
Even a toddler, Nicole was still hungry after this meal.

However, taste wise is really YUMMY! Service too! 一级棒的啦!

 photo 20140523_191111.jpg  photo 20140523_191902.jpg 
This is where they prepared and cooked the noodle!
I think it's so cool!!! 
 photo 20140523_191936.jpg 
I ordered their 肉燥饭 (Braised pork rice) and it is super awesome~
I can't seem to find any 卤肉饭 on the street. So this is the closest I can get to try the authentic  肉燥饭 which I think is almost identical to 卤肉饭. I might be wrong~
 photo 20140523_191945.jpg 
卤豆腐 (Braised Tofu) 
Taste normal but the texture of the tofu was very smooth and silky!!
 photo 20140523_192749.jpg 
炸脆皮大肠 (deep fried intestine). DOPE! I love it whenever the 大肠 is handle by deep fry! 
Super crispy and it does not have any weird smell.
 photo 20140523_192846.jpg 
温泉丝瓜蛤蜊 (Steamed luffa with clams). Very refreshing and the clams were really fresh!
I think because Taiwanese like eating and have access to seafood easily, thus most of their ingredients are super fresh and nice! 
 photo 20140523_192117.jpg
We ordered this 龍蝦卵河粉卷 (Rice Vermicelli Roll with Lobster Roe). Taste wise was really nice. But this was serve cold? As in it wasn't hot or warm and the vermicelli was a little too "springy". Overall, still very refreshing!!! 

 photo 10277770_10152491091824017_966583784135153706_n.jpg 
My family ordered their noodle 擔仔麵 (Tan Tsi Noodles). I tried some and it was really nice!
The soup was really fragrance and sweet. The noodle wasn't overcooked too! 

No. 12號, Alley 8, Lane 216, Section 4, Zhōngxiào East Road, Daan District
Taipei City, Taiwan 106

Since we weren't really full, we headed to some bubble tea cafe along the street before heading back to the hotel. They have tons of bubble tea cafes around. I'm sure most of them taste similar or equally good!
I saw a Little Twin Stars cafe on the way too! But we didn't went in because the queue was quite long and was drizzling. 
 photo 20140523_203711.jpg 
Super fattening but how to not drink bubble tea when you are in Taiwan!!!
This glass is their standard 500ml bubble tea.
I was super full just by drinking the whole glass. 
 photo 20140523_203419.jpg
We ordered some snacks too, but I only ended up having photo of this snack.
It's just fried tofu with rice cake. 

As for the next day which was our last day in Taiwan, we didn't take photos because we didn't go anywhere far. I went back to 西门町 with my mum because she didn't managed to went down the previous night.
Wrong timing because it was Saturday, SUPER CROWDED. Although part of me was hoping I will be able to bump into any artists fan meeting session since they usually held over there. Too bad, no luck. HAHA

 photo IMG_13361241654954.jpeg
The only photo we took that day. 
Some Thai restaurant at 新光三越. The hairstylist cut a bang for me. HAHAHA
She said suit me better than my side fringe.
Oh well~~ 

I guess I shall end my Taiwan trip post here.
It had been really a long time since we travel as a family.
Although there were many hiccups but at least we get relax and enjoyed ourselves.
Nicole finally get sit on a plane after sending us off so many times.

Till then,

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 4 Part 1

Have been really really lazy to blog recently despite being very free.
Nonetheless, it was our 2nd last day in Taipei and my sister suggested to go 淡水.
We took their train all the way to the last stop. The weather was fine when we reached there.

I'm splitting this into 2 part because I think 淡水 deserve a post on it own!
And I clearly forgot to take photos for my last day in Taipei. Heehee

Below is the scenery that we saw after exiting from the station. Click to enlarge!
 photo SAM_3909.jpg  photo SAM_3911.jpg  photo SAM_3912.jpg  photo SAM_3913.jpg 

We reached pretty early about 11am thus, most of the shops are not open yet. 
But the fragrance from all these BBQ shops are soooooooooo tempting!! 

 photo SAM_3915.jpg 

We bought this ice cream which I totally forgot what is called. But we ordered the shorter version as we do not want to fill ourselves to the brim with ice cream~

I shared the mango favour with Nicole. It wasn't the best, but oh well Nicole enjoyed it and that's great! 

 photo SAM_3917.jpg  photo SAM_3918.jpg 
After walking around aimlessly when most shops are still not open, we decided to take a boat across the bank to 八里老街.
 photo SAM_3919.jpg  photo SAM_3920.jpg  photo SAM_3922.jpg  photo SAM_3923.jpg  photo SAM_3924.jpg  photo SAM_3925.jpg  photo 20140523_122717.jpg  photo SAM_3927.jpg photo SAM_3928.jpg  photo SAM_3929.jpg 
 photo SAM_3951.jpg
After arriving at 八里老街, we were greeted by the street of foods!!!!!!!

 photo SAM_3931.jpg  photo SAM_3932.jpg
This store sell the best fried finger foods!!
Please go try if you happen to be there!

I LOVE ALL THIER FOODS and the best thing is, 
you get to sample some before purchase! 

 photo SAM_3933.jpg

There is this small vendor at the start of the street which sell lots of yummy pastries! 
I bought the doughnut and find it pretty alright but a little too oily. 

My mum and sisters bought this Yam biscuits and they swear by it! 
They said it was the best yam biscuits ever! 

So, do drop by and try it! This is the only stall that sell this. 
Definitely not a problem to find this stall! 

 photo IMG_13546373338305.jpeg

The rain started pouring after we purchased our snacks.
Since there wasn't much thing to shop over there, we headed back to 淡水.

Luckily most shops are opened by the time we reached back.
We went to starbucks to chill and waiting for the rain to stop. 
 photo SAM_3935.jpg 
On my way, I finally got to buy BUBBLE TEA!!!
It was super cheap and nice!!!
 photo 20140523_133454.jpg 

Also got to try 阿给 which is tofu with some rice vermicelli inside. 
I think it's the sauce that make it super yummy!!  

 photo 20140523_143500.jpg 
We also made this family zodiac over there. 
I can't remember how much this cost because my mum paid for it. 
The shop 传艺工坊 is located at 
 photo SAM_3992.jpg

Lastly, I had my hair wash and cut at David John Salon.

 photo 1400850521062.jpg

Super affordable and the service is SUPER GOOD!
You can never find the same standard of service and quality with the price we paid in Singapore.
I only trimmed my fringe and wash my hair. If i'm not wrong it was only NT300!

David John Hair salon
Tel: 2523-2003

That's all we did in the day~
The next post will be a short one on our dinner.
Because there are quite a few photos on foods!!!!!!!

Til then,

Monday, July 7, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 3

Hello everyone.

Really sorry for the lack of update because I been traveling recently and I didn't pre schedule any post beforehand. Therefore, now i'm trying to clear a few backlog.

We went to 九份 and 十份 that day.
My sis booked a car for us to travel up. Even though the weather was pretty bad, we managed to do quite a number of sight seeing.

The 2 kids are able to sleep on the car and have enough rest which is good! Because they were less annoying. Haha

 photo SAM_3850.jpg  photo SAM_3856.jpg  photo SAM_3857.jpg  photo SAM_3858.jpg  photo SAM_3859.jpg  photo SAM_3860.jpg  photo SAM_3862.jpg  photo SAM_3863.jpg  photo SAM_3864.jpg 

If you ever happen to pass by this store, do try it!
It's really YUMMY!!!
Although it is a little expensive for the serving but just give it a try! 

 photo SAM_3865.jpg  photo SAM_3866.jpg  photo SAM_3867.jpg  photo SAM_3868.jpg 

Managed to try a few snacks around there too. 
The pork sausage is really nice!
Smell super nice too! But it's definitely on the oiler side. 

 photo SAM_3869.jpg 

I don't really eat this but according to my family, they say it is really nice!
I shared with my mum the hot version and it is not too bad.
Perhaps if I ordered the ice version, I would like it better. 

 photo SAM_3870.jpg  photo SAM_3871.jpg  photo SAM_3872.jpg  photo SAM_3873.jpg  photo SAM_3875.jpg 

Once again, we were caught in the rain.
Went into 1 of the cafe to avoid the rain. 
Really like the theme and the view suppose to be very nice, but it was raining heavily.. 

 photo SAM_3880-1.jpg  photo SAM_3884.jpg  photo SAM_3885.jpg  photo SAM_3886.jpg  photo SAM_3887.jpg  photo SAM_3888.jpg  photo SAM_3889.jpg  photo SAM_3891.jpg  photo SAM_3892.jpg  photo SAM_3894.jpg  photo SAM_3895.jpg 

Despite the rain, we still want and managed to 放天灯.
I alway wanted to try putting 1 and make wishes.
It was really crowded despite the rain. I guess majority are tourists. 

There are trains coming through our path. 
We need to act fast before another train approached.
A very different experience. Haha. 

 photo SAM_3899.jpg  photo SAM_3900.jpg  photo SAM_3901.jpg  photo 20140522_165625.jpg 

We managed to shop at 师大夜市!!!
The 卤味 is freaking awesome la!!!!
2 huge plates for our whole family to share!
I think the stall is 灯笼卤味

 photo 20140522_202321.jpg  photo 20140522_202418.jpg

I think that's all I can remember from Day 3.
My memory are getting from bad to worse..
Haha. Really need to pen everything down as soon as possible!!

 photo SAM_3947.jpg

Till then,