Monday, July 7, 2014

Taiwan Trip - Day 3

Hello everyone.

Really sorry for the lack of update because I been traveling recently and I didn't pre schedule any post beforehand. Therefore, now i'm trying to clear a few backlog.

We went to 九份 and 十份 that day.
My sis booked a car for us to travel up. Even though the weather was pretty bad, we managed to do quite a number of sight seeing.

The 2 kids are able to sleep on the car and have enough rest which is good! Because they were less annoying. Haha

 photo SAM_3850.jpg  photo SAM_3856.jpg  photo SAM_3857.jpg  photo SAM_3858.jpg  photo SAM_3859.jpg  photo SAM_3860.jpg  photo SAM_3862.jpg  photo SAM_3863.jpg  photo SAM_3864.jpg 

If you ever happen to pass by this store, do try it!
It's really YUMMY!!!
Although it is a little expensive for the serving but just give it a try! 

 photo SAM_3865.jpg  photo SAM_3866.jpg  photo SAM_3867.jpg  photo SAM_3868.jpg 

Managed to try a few snacks around there too. 
The pork sausage is really nice!
Smell super nice too! But it's definitely on the oiler side. 

 photo SAM_3869.jpg 

I don't really eat this but according to my family, they say it is really nice!
I shared with my mum the hot version and it is not too bad.
Perhaps if I ordered the ice version, I would like it better. 

 photo SAM_3870.jpg  photo SAM_3871.jpg  photo SAM_3872.jpg  photo SAM_3873.jpg  photo SAM_3875.jpg 

Once again, we were caught in the rain.
Went into 1 of the cafe to avoid the rain. 
Really like the theme and the view suppose to be very nice, but it was raining heavily.. 

 photo SAM_3880-1.jpg  photo SAM_3884.jpg  photo SAM_3885.jpg  photo SAM_3886.jpg  photo SAM_3887.jpg  photo SAM_3888.jpg  photo SAM_3889.jpg  photo SAM_3891.jpg  photo SAM_3892.jpg  photo SAM_3894.jpg  photo SAM_3895.jpg 

Despite the rain, we still want and managed to 放天灯.
I alway wanted to try putting 1 and make wishes.
It was really crowded despite the rain. I guess majority are tourists. 

There are trains coming through our path. 
We need to act fast before another train approached.
A very different experience. Haha. 

 photo SAM_3899.jpg  photo SAM_3900.jpg  photo SAM_3901.jpg  photo 20140522_165625.jpg 

We managed to shop at 师大夜市!!!
The 卤味 is freaking awesome la!!!!
2 huge plates for our whole family to share!
I think the stall is 灯笼卤味

 photo 20140522_202321.jpg  photo 20140522_202418.jpg

I think that's all I can remember from Day 3.
My memory are getting from bad to worse..
Haha. Really need to pen everything down as soon as possible!!

 photo SAM_3947.jpg

Till then,

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