Sunday, August 31, 2014


Finally I have completed my 2 years studies with RMIT.
It wasn't easy and entering uni wasn't part of my plan initially.

I'm still glad that I made the right choice and managed to graduate together with my fellow friends.
For those who always say i'm only going to find boyfriend in university, YOU ARE WRONG! I graduated within the 2 years!

So, I didn't quit school after finding a boyfriend! No idea who would be so lame and wasteful to go school just to find a boyfriend without completing the whole course.

Anyway, I have my convocation on 25 August. Because our session was the evening one, Kaikeng couldn't made it :/ So, only Puaysee was able to make it just to take photos with me. Super 感动(touched)~ Also Chouwoon who rushed all the way down and helping me to take photos too.
Super grateful to have them around!

 photo 10635828_10152339799997634_17458025398645711_n.jpg  photo 10612989_538304686300331_537894725904538713_n.jpg  photo 10600609_10152339800172634_7885433216804737531_n.jpg  photo 10628569_10152339796967634_1721864417099239497_n.jpg  photo 10649492_10152339822857634_8631376993732802605_n.jpg  photo 10636245_10152339800247634_6379405751538413402_n.jpg  photo 10350511_10153266557302715_3686233010690349063_n.jpg  photo 10459034_10152339796952634_7233804962370189612_o.jpg  photo 10641224_10152339781152634_1232165591195355314_n.jpg  photo 10363579_10152339797232634_7550091743919691429_n.jpg  photo 1907418_10152339780447634_6945449261954167823_n.jpg  photo 10392459_10152339781192634_4658178961070161762_n.jpg  photo 10519590_10152339781092634_8364427844122754178_n.jpg  photo 10628344_10152339780757634_1733497000600107213_n.jpg  photo 10629736_10152339787122634_8389643687029686906_n.jpg 
Within these 2 years of schooling, there are many ups and downs. Made a few friends, lose a few friends. Well, all these are part of life. Sometime people just wasn't meant to be friends I guess? No matter what, i'm always grateful to know every one of you. It was because of RMIT camp, I got to know Jeremiah and tada~ we were together since then.

Also, really grateful to know Weilun too! Every single time when I encountered problem regarding school assignments or projects. He's always willing to help me even when we were in different groups or it was modules that he didn't take. Especially during exams or test, I think he would want to block me because I am always bugging him for help and answers. HAHAHA! I'm so sorry!! 

But seriously, without his help I think I couldn't even pass some of the modules! So thankful to know him and he's the only person (other than Jeremiah because he got no choice!) who is willing to listen to my rants and nonsense at times. I try not to disturb him too much in case he really block me HAHAHA

People always assume Jeremiah is a nice guy who is always willing to help me regarding studies because i'm the girlfriend. NO! YOU ARE ALL WRONG! Usually, our study session ended up with me crying because I really don't understand and him giving me attitude or scolding me. LOL. Always like that. Till the last sem, I decided not to study with him!! But still got the same treatment over our phone calls. Nonetheless, i'm really glad to know him and have him in my life as someone special. I shall continue to bug you for life~ xP

 photo 10632720_10152339780712634_212368651065034807_n.jpg 
We are trying to save our $150 rental fee LOL

So glad to have this group of friends to do project with. Funny group of people who always get things done on time. Which I find it essential because our last sem is fill with killer modules. Hope to see them again soon and hope everyone will be able to find their dream jobs (me included. haha). 

 photo 936085_10152339781357634_1461946584559739717_n.jpg
Basically, I just want to thanks everyone who have been with me throughout these 2 years. Those who I have done projects with, asked for help, and talked to. My family too. After all, my mum paid for my school fee. And she can finally take family portrait too ! HAHAHA. Also, my friends such as the happy 4 and poly friends! Who are super understanding whenever I am rushing projects or exams and have to postpone our meeting. 

I hope I have matured throughout these 2 years because I can't judge for myself. And I just hope I can be more outgoing and outspoken. Should have join CCA even though every time when I was preparing for the dance audition, Jeremiah will try all means to make me missed it. Damn! 

Thank you everyone!!! ! 

P/S: Thank you for the guy who came up to me to ask for my number during Year 3 sem 1. HAHAHA! Never in my life someone came up to me to ask for my number. 

That's all I guess.
I hope I didn't missed out anything.

Till then,

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Krabi Trip Day 3

Hello everyone~
Really sorry about not posting anything last week.
Trying to get used to my new routine and therefore, totally forget to post an update last week.

So, back to my Krabi trip before I clear other backlogged.
We book our activities through the front desk of our hotel.
They have a wide range of activities to choose from and i'm sure most hotels/resorts provide the same service.

Initially we wanted to rent a scooter too, but our hotel is really strict regarding the license issue :/ Oh well,  we did saw a few traffic accidents so we were cool with not renting scooter. 

Back to the activity, we choose the day tour to James bond island! This tour package allow you to choose between sight seeing or canoeing. We decided to choose the canoeing package and it's really worth the experience! Although i'm scare to death when we were in the canoe. 

We took the long tail boat to different island and see many different island.

 photo 20140624_113906.jpg  photo 20140624_113913.jpg  photo 20140624_113921.jpg  photo 20140624_114155.jpg 

It was drizzling but according to the tour guide, we were very lucky because the previous day group was caught in the rain throughout their tour. 

 photo 20140624_115337.jpg  photo 20140624_115644.jpg  photo 20140624_121035.jpg  photo 20140624_121540.jpg  photo 20140624_121957.jpg  photo 20140624_122053.jpg  photo 20140624_122120.jpg  photo 20140624_122523.jpg  photo 20140624_122913.jpg  photo 20140624_123120.jpg  photo 20140624_123136.jpg  photo 20140624_123411.jpg  photo 20140624_123423.jpg 

I kept telling Jeremiah to ask people to help us take photo with the sign, but he insisted of using the monopod. :c
 photo 20140624_123918.jpg  photo 20140624_124154.jpg  photo 20140624_124218.jpg  photo 20140624_124420.jpg 

We went to a few more island but I can't seem to remember which photos belong to which island :x 
We went to Khao Ping Gan, Phang Nga bay too.

Then come the canoeing part. I was dragged to go because I don't really like to canoe. 
I'm terrific with sea. I will get really panic and start to worry if i'm going to fall off from the canoe. Haha!
 photo 20140624_130215.jpg  photo 20140624_130548.jpg  photo 20140624_130622.jpg  photo 20140624_130733.jpg  photo 20140624_130907.jpg photo 20140624_130919.jpg  photo 20140624_131034.jpg 

We went to their mangrove forest, lot cave and other weird places that I can't remember because I was so worried and scare that I will fall off from the canoe. Nonetheless, the views were really amazing and the water was really calm and still. 

 photo 20140624_132322.jpg  photo 20140624_134811.jpg 

We then proceed to Koh Panyee which is a floating village to have our lunch. 
No photos because I think the other tour members will find it weird. 
The foods are very simple foods. Just chicken, eggs and veggie. 
Not complaining because it wasn't bad at all. 

 photo 20140624_142802.jpg  photo 20140624_142818.jpg 
Our last destination of the day was Suwankhuha Temple aka Monkey cave. 
There are tons of monkeys and they basically attacked anyone with foods. 

The bigger size monkeys are really aggressive towards the babies or smaller size monkeys.
There was a bat cave inside as well. But we didn't get to see any bats other than their droppings. Haha
Actually we went to some waterfall site but we weren't impress at all.. =/

So we didn't bother to take photos plus we were really tired after a whole day trip. 
 photo 20140624_152420.jpg  photo 20140624_152443.jpg  photo 20140624_152841.jpg  photo 20140624_153457.jpg  photo 20140624_154037.jpg  photo 20140624_154125.jpg  photo 20140624_154249.jpg  photo 20140624_154511.jpg 

So, before we washed and clean ourselves, we decided to take a dip at our hotel pool which is really errrrr.. dirty.
The water was extremely cold (understandable since it was raining) and the pool water doesn't even have a filter! We just take a quick dip and laze around the pool before we head up to clean up and have our dinner!!

We had our dinner at some roadside restaurant. Look really rundown but OMG THE FOODS ARE REALLY AWESOME AND WORTH EVERY SINGLE WAIT AND PENNYS! 
The shop has no signage but it's directly opposite the MacDonald near aonang beach. We had to wait quite awhile because it was dinner time and we shared table with another S'porean couple! Actually, there are really lots of Singaporean there. How I know? Because we speak Singlish! Haha. 

 photo 20140624_214305.jpg  photo 20140624_214714.jpg  photo 20140624_221229.jpg 

This plate of lala aka clams is the BEST clams I had ever tried!! IT'S SO SPICY, SALTY AND OMG SWEET!! So far I have yet to find something on par or similar to this! It's really nice and huge portion! We totally cleared this whole plate and tempted to order 1 more plate because it was that AWESOME!

 photo 20140625_000328.jpg  photo 20140625_000339.jpg
We ended our day with more desserts since we did not have any rice for our dinner. I was really full so I did not have much of the mango sticky rice but the banana pancake was really DOPE! The pancake is really soft and fluffy, tender and the chocolate melts onto of the pancake. Combining together with the bananas, totally melted my heart and I want MORE! 

That's all for Day 3.
It was a fun day and I was glad that the weather wasn't that bad.
Just some drizzling from time to time but hey, at least there wasn't any heavy pouring!
I hope I am able to update Day 4 soon!

Till then,