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Krabi Trip - Day 1 and 2

Hello everyone~
I'm back here again to update on my Krabi that I went with J back in June.
Never been to a beach vacation so I was really excited and totally can't wait to try out snorkelling!

As usual my mum and Nicole would send me off if they were free.
This cheeky girl wanted to take photo with the kinetic droplet.

 photo 20140622_133051.jpg 

We took AirAsia and it was a short 4 hours flight. The time different between Thailand and Singapore is 1 hour. 

 photo 20140622_144358.jpg 

Since we did not arranged any transportation from the hotel to fetch us from the airport, we took their bus straight to our hotel area which is Ao Nang. Our hotel was the last stop therefore, we took quite some time to reach our hotel. 

However, I really find that our hotel location was not too bad! There were a few hotels that we wanted to book initially and they happened to be in the same area. There are many hotels/resorts around us and I truly find that we were lucky to choose the correct area to stay at.

The area is super convenient with the shopping areas nearby and 7 eleven. Because there are so many hotels around, we don't find it scary or ulu too. Our hotel was the last hotel in the lane though. But nonetheless, the hotel was alright in term of booking activities.  The only downside was the free wifi is only available at the lobby and I don't like hanging around the lobby. 

 photo SAM_4039.jpg 

We were welcome by 2 towel elephants. On normal days, we were welcome by towel seashells. Guess they don't have the time to make it into elephants every single day. Haha.

 photo SAM_4030.jpg  photo SAM_4031.jpg  photo SAM_4034.jpg  photo SAM_4037.jpg 

After settling down and since we didn't planned anything, we decided to just roam around aimlessly. Even though there were lots of tutu telling us to go to their night market. Totally regretted that we didn't went. Because the night market was only available on Sunday. 

 photo SAM_4038.jpg  photo SAM_4040.jpg  photo SAM_4041.jpg  photo SAM_4042.jpg  photo SAM_4043.jpg  photo SAM_4045.jpg 

Night fall really fast and we were very hungry. We decided to just went into a restaurant that seem to be quite popular. But frankly speaking, I think most of them are the same. I think their roadside stalls are better than restaurants. 

 photo SAM_4047.jpg  photo SAM_4048.jpg  photo SAM_4050.jpg  photo SAM_4051.jpg  photo SAM_4054.jpg  photo SAM_4058.jpg 

The foods weren't bad, but this particular restaurant is not very honest :/ 

They were telling us that they are having 20% off promotion (actually, all the restaurants are putting up the same sign. I believe it was low season or they just want to make you feel like a privilege. ) Our total bill came up to be 2000 btah, by right after 20% off should be 1600 but they charged us 1800. 
Either way, we were fine with that since it's still within our budget. 

Later the night, we went to a bar near our hotel to watch world cup. Quite boring actually because we were expecting tons of people but no. The whole stretch of bar wasn't even packed at all. 
Guess the people there wasn't into world cup :[

 photo 20140622_235110.jpg

That's all for our 1st day and night at Krabi.

We began our morning by refusing to wake up for breakfast and trying out my monopod. 
Breakfast wasn't bad but there was lizards everywhere. Guess because the hotel was located near lots of trees and was an open area. 

 photo 20140623_115755.jpg 

We wanted to go to the beach initially but the weather just wasn't cooperating at all.
Rain, sunny, rain and sunny again. 

So we headed up to their "mall" (which the tutu uncle/ hotel personnel was telling us) turn out to be a supermarket. LOL 

Doesn't matter since it was raining heavily and so shopping in a supermarket wasn't bad at all. 
 photo 20140623_142925.jpg 

Once the weather start to clear out, we made our way to the nearest beach (which was a failed because we were caught in the rain again while we were walking)

 photo 20140623_145345.jpg  photo 20140623_145537.jpg  photo 20140623_150543.jpg 

We were just roaming around looking at different stores and just when we wanted to try their Pork Burger from MacDonald, IT WAS RAINING AGAIN~

We had our lunch at their MacDonald and waited for the rain to become smaller or stop before moving on back to our hotel.  We had decided to give up on the idea of going to the beach because it was high tide when we reached too. (What a bumper)

 photo 20140623_153418.jpg 

Finally when we reached our hotel, we washed up ourselves because we were caught in the rain constantly. Watched a movie on the bed (it was raining AGAIN) and eating chips before we headed down to the roadside to have our dinner!  

 photo 20140623_202859.jpg 

Love their mango sticky rice!! SO SWEET AND YUMMY!
The auntie gave almost 2/3 of the mango!
Super worth getting fat from eating it!

 photo 20140623_203339.jpg

While the rest of the foods weren't bad too! Just not fantastic but definitely better than the previous night restaurant.

That's all for our Day 1 and 2. 
It was quite boring because we landed late on our 1st day and the weather was bad on 2nd day.
More adventure on Day 3 and 4! 
I promise :D

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