Sunday, August 3, 2014

My skincare routine

Hello everyone~

So sorry that I haven't been blogging because i'm a little busy recently.
And not going to deny that I am lazy too. Haha.
Haven't been using my laptop/desktop because I can basically do most of the stuffs on my phone.

Need to kick that habit to make full use of my laptop. Haha.

Anyway, back to the post.
I have been trying this new skincare products because I got it from J's mum last christmas.
So far, not too bad but I have no idea is it doing anything to my skin.
Because it seem like I have a few white head(?) or pimples appearing on my cheeks.

 photo SAM_4167.jpg 

Either way, I definitely like the texture and the smell from the Dr G skincare line.
I'm currently using their Super Aquasis series which include toner and moisture gel.

The toner basically have no scent to it. Very light way as compare to Hada Labo and I like how it absorb very easily and clean off the excess dirt from my skin. Toner is definitely a must for people who use makeup! Just in case our cleanser did not wash off everything.

As for the moisture gel, it is slightly scented. Not too overwhelming. Super lightweight as well! Since  i'm very lazy, I don't have a different cream for day and night, therefore I find this gel very suitable for me. It absorb super fast, making it easier for me to apply makeup right after that. And I will not be wasting any product on my pillow during the night.

I have been using the same eye cream from Hada Labo for quite some time. Like I mention previously on the other post, it's not the best but I can't seem to find any eye cream that is as affordable as this and does what it does (other than lightening my super dark dark circles). Another product that I have been using for many months would be The Body Shop Teatree oil. Best product for my pimple!

I have been using Clean & Clear Fruit Essentials Facial Cleanser in purifying apple as my night time cleanser. Loving it but I find it harder to find this product. Need to find an alternative for this soon. In case they discontinue this product.

Some new products that I have added to my daily skincare routine would be Laneige White Plus Renew Original essence. I only use it on my freckles or acne scar area. So far, I don't really see dramatic result but very slight/minimum result. However, this is just a sample size. I don't think I would be buying the full size any time soon.

As for my morning facial wash was something I got from Taiwan. Kose Softymo Mineral Wash in Moisture scrub. Totally love this facial wash!! Although it was for oily skin, but it work well for me! No idea whether I can find this in Singapore Sasa. I hope I can because it is super awesome! Leave my face super clean without drying out my skin. The scrub I assume is gentle enough since I been using it every single day and there's no sign of redness (which usually means my skin have become sensitive). Definitely give this a try if you can find this! Super love it! And it's by Kose!

 photo SAM_4169.jpg 

These are some of the items that I hardly use. Haha
I got tons of sheet masks from Taiwan but normally, I just got them from Sasa or etude house or Watsons. I don't really find any differences between brands as long as they don't break out on me. 

But currently i'm loving these 2. Eye masks from My beauty diary and Mask from My scheming. 
My current all time favourite Clay mask is from Freeman Avocado & Oatmeal. Smell super yummy, cheap and it works!!!! 

I realised I can't use acne facial wash daily because it's too harsh on my skin. Most of my scarring came from using acne wash. Therefore, I only use it when I feel like there are bumps coming out or on my face. Biore acne wash is 1 of my favourite because they don't dry out my skin like other brand. 

I have just added scrub to my skincare routine. Not sure if they are the best but so far so good. I'm using Innisfree wine peeling jelly scrub. Love the scent and it is very gentle on my skin. Hopefully it will slowly remove the dead skin on my scarring area :(

I have never use lip scrub before, so this is my 1st lip scrub. Not really loving it but it definitely does it job by scrubbing off my dead skin on my lip and moisture it. Mango seed lip scrub from The Face Shop

Lastly, this have become everybody holy grail. 

Do I still need to explain it? Haha.
I use this as sleeping mask. Totally awesome product that calm my skin and moisture it.
Leaving my skin super soft and awesome!!
 photo SAM_4176.jpg

That's all for my current skincare routine!
I usually switch my products once I finished using it.
If you have any recommendation do let me know! As long as I am able to get and afford it~

I hope you enjoyed this post.
Till then,


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