Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blackbox September

Hello everyone!
Haven't been blogging because I was simply too lazy to blog.
I am still trying to clear all the backlog!!

Surprising I received my black box for the month of september!
Since there weren't much products, I thought of doing a quick unboxing review!

 photo SAM_4201.jpg 
This month, instead of sending us a box they packed in a plastic film bag which I personally preferred  it over the box. At least it doesn't take up any space!

 photo SAM_4202.jpg 
The 1st item that caught my eyes were this shampoo and condition set from L'oreal Ever Seek! 
Can't wait to use it as I heard many raves on this line! Hope it can save my already KO hair to become more presentable.

 photo SAM_4204.jpg 
I think there's no need for further introduction on Hada Labo lotion. Almost every sample box will send their product. 

As for dettol, I already tried it before I received the sample. J's family used this shower gel. Like the scent of it and the clean feeling after washing off the soap. Plus it's from Dettol which make me feel extra clean after bathing!

This face mask is very interesting.  It's not a full face mask. This mask provide an additional serum for lifting and the mask only concentrate on the chin/ V line area. Which I think it's really special. Haven't really try so I can't comment but 1 mask cost about SGD$10 and you can get it from sass. 

 photo SAM_4208.jpg
The last few items are wipes from the same brand. Never really use this brand before except the Zappy wipe which I tried after my illumi run last year. However, the rest of the wipes really interest me. There's a instant stain remover. I really hope it will work because I am really clumsy. As the for leather polish and Instant shoes shine, I'm going to pass it to J because I don't need it. 

So, this conclude the blackbox that I received for the month of September!
No wow factors as usually, but I do appreciate that they are trying to spice things up and since this is a totally free box.

I am looking forward to use the Loreal's shampoo and the stain remover!
Will update again if I decided to purchase the full sized!

That's all for today short post.
Till then,

Monday, September 15, 2014

Krabi Trip Day 4

This should be the last post for my Krabi Trip
As my flight back home was pretty early, so we basically did nothing other than stoning at the airport.

Anyway, back to our last adventure for the trip!!
We decide to go on the sunset island hopping / snorkeling tour.
Pretty cool i'll said. Although I got really tired toward the end of the night, I guess it's a really different experience compare to the day island hopping.

We didn't take much photos because I scare i'll drop the camera, For once I wished I have a gopro HAHAHA. But i'm fine without it!~

So, we set off at around 12.30 to catch the long tail boat for our Snorkeling tour.
The journey isn't that bad. There was a Singaporean family on our tour too! The little boy was so cute haha!

 photo 20140625_144622.jpg 
The 1st island we reached was Tup island. 
Really nice beach and clear sand~
 photo 20140625_151844.jpg  photo 20140625_151953.jpg  photo 20140625_152819.jpg  photo 20140625_153815.jpg  photo 20140625_153833.jpg  photo 20140625_154652.jpg  photo 20140625_155036.jpg  photo 20140625_163821.jpg  photo 20140625_163843.jpg  photo 20140625_164014.jpg 

And this was their famous chicken island.
You can see the head of the chicken. Which I think was pretty cool!

 photo 20140625_164057.jpg 
To be frank, I have lots of island photos. But I seriously could not differentiate every single island.. 
Guess I should just took photos with all the signboard. Haha

We had our 1st snorkeling around Chicken island. I was freaking out because my life vest feel like coming. But we only get to snorkel awhile because there was really nothing to see there. Not even a fish can be spotted but the water was really clear. 

Oh ya, on our tour group, there were this huge group of Caucasian. 1 of the lady actually need to use crutches to move around. We were guessing that she might have involve in accident. But really salute her to continue the tour! 

 photo 20140625_1706220.jpg 
 photo 20140625_170623.jpg 
No idea where is this place for cliff diving, but I remember I got seasick at this area while we were waiting for them. I don't normally get seasick, but it was really bad when we were waiting for them to finish jumping. I swear I nearly vomited because of the choppy waves and I wasn't the only 1 that got really nauseous. 

 photo 20140625_182345.jpg  photo 20140625_190644.jpg 
Before this, we went to another island for snorkeling. This time round, I wore the right size life vest but I was still freaking out really badly. I seriously think I have phobia/ anxiety whenever I come in contact with water. And I cried too HAHAHA! It's pretty stupid la because Jeremiah was holding me the whole time but still!!!!! 

OH! I saw nemos!!!!!!! Tons of clownfish and dory (Paracanthurus) too!! However, the water wasn't as clear as the 1st site. Plus I keep choking the water and my goggle turn foggy :[  Guess my snorkeling set wasn't good enough.

I guess I really need to go pick up swimming.. Because I actually really like the feeling of seeing fishes~
 photo 20140625_190654.jpg  photo 20140625_190711.jpg   photo 20140625_191556.jpg 
(Click for full size image)
Can't remember what island is this, but it was the last island we went before heading for BBQ dinner.
The sunset was really pretty and romantic. 
We also get to see Plankton which the tour guide called sea star. It's not really obvious because it was dangerous for us to get into the sea. It was already night time plus the area might be full of jellyfishes. Still, better than nothing right? 
I guess it was the journey back to the port was the best. We got to sit at the open deck area, the sky was really clear, tons of stars but I was too scare to move around. Once again, the fear of dropping into the sea. But really appreciate the fact that Jere was there for me and holding my tiny hand. Haha.
Normally, he won't even bother to hold my hand when we are dating. 

 photo 20140625_192106.jpg

Thanks for taking care of me throughout this trip because I wasn't feeling the best =[ Made you missed out lots of fun water activities :[ Always glad to have you beside me whenever we travel because I am terrible with direction. Even though you left me alone to buy foods back for you haha! You still walk back to find me even after telling you I am able to walk back without getting lost :] 
Let's go Boracay soon!!!!!!!! :DDD

 photo 20140622_195239.jpg

That's all for my Krabi Graduation trip!
1 more oversea trip to blog and I will have clear all my travel post!
Till then,