Sunday, September 28, 2014

Blackbox September

Hello everyone!
Haven't been blogging because I was simply too lazy to blog.
I am still trying to clear all the backlog!!

Surprising I received my black box for the month of september!
Since there weren't much products, I thought of doing a quick unboxing review!

 photo SAM_4201.jpg 
This month, instead of sending us a box they packed in a plastic film bag which I personally preferred  it over the box. At least it doesn't take up any space!

 photo SAM_4202.jpg 
The 1st item that caught my eyes were this shampoo and condition set from L'oreal Ever Seek! 
Can't wait to use it as I heard many raves on this line! Hope it can save my already KO hair to become more presentable.

 photo SAM_4204.jpg 
I think there's no need for further introduction on Hada Labo lotion. Almost every sample box will send their product. 

As for dettol, I already tried it before I received the sample. J's family used this shower gel. Like the scent of it and the clean feeling after washing off the soap. Plus it's from Dettol which make me feel extra clean after bathing!

This face mask is very interesting.  It's not a full face mask. This mask provide an additional serum for lifting and the mask only concentrate on the chin/ V line area. Which I think it's really special. Haven't really try so I can't comment but 1 mask cost about SGD$10 and you can get it from sass. 

 photo SAM_4208.jpg
The last few items are wipes from the same brand. Never really use this brand before except the Zappy wipe which I tried after my illumi run last year. However, the rest of the wipes really interest me. There's a instant stain remover. I really hope it will work because I am really clumsy. As the for leather polish and Instant shoes shine, I'm going to pass it to J because I don't need it. 

So, this conclude the blackbox that I received for the month of September!
No wow factors as usually, but I do appreciate that they are trying to spice things up and since this is a totally free box.

I am looking forward to use the Loreal's shampoo and the stain remover!
Will update again if I decided to purchase the full sized!

That's all for today short post.
Till then,

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