Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Legoland Malaysia

Haven't been updating my blog for a really long time..
Life hasn't been easy but nonetheless, I hope it will get better.
So, finally get to sit down and not feel tired after work therefore, i'm trying to post something in order to keep for my own memory as well as not to leave my blog empty for too long.

Lots of reviews I have plan and I shall find time to post them up!
Anyway, many months ago way before Zhihan went oversea for studies, we decided to go Legoland! We have never been oversea together even though it was somewhere very near Singapore, we still enjoyed ourselves :D

Am super glad that I didn't kana (got) boxed by Puaysee in the middle of the night. Haha!

We bought our package from Qoo10. The package include 1 night stay in KSL hotel , transportation and legoland ticket! Can't remember how much it was but it was pretty affordable.. Plus, we managed to sing K that night! So happy that I got to sing K.

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Basically there weren't much to play at legoland.  Definitely cater more for kids rather than teenagers.
But still, it was enjoyable and we had our magnum fixed!!
Super affordable compare to Singapore. If only I can bring back 1 dozen lol!

We spent most of our time walking around looking and taking photos of the environment. We tried some rides as well but there weren't much for us to try. Heard that they have a water theme park. However, our tickets doesn't include water park. So I guess, perhaps the water theme park would be more fun as compare to the normal park.

However, if you were to bring kids along. I'm sure they are going to enjoy it! All the kiddy rides etc. I guess, I will ask my mum to bring Nicole to Legoland the next time!

Guess it's really time for me to prepare for my sleep!
Till then,

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