Friday, December 12, 2014

Advertorial: Reduze Pro

Hello everyone!

Haven't been blogging for really long. So, let's kick start a brand new blogging spree with something that was send to me recently!

I haven't been exercising constantly as compare to when i'm still in school plus working in office usually mean I will be sitting down for a long period of time after my lunch. I have been notice my weight been increasing crazily :[

So, Sample store send me Reduze pro just in time for the festive season!

 photo SAM_4315.jpg

The new reduze pro has triple action that detox your body that helps to cleanse, burn fat and lose weight effectively!

Detoxing your body is like the latest trend for losing weight. Of course you need to have a healthy and balance diet to achieve your desired result.

Reduze pro help to improve digestive system to eliminate toxins and waste which help flatten our tummy! This means it will help to improve bowel movement, so if you have trouble having regular bowl movement this can help too!

Detoxing does not just stop at losing body weight, but also help to give clearer complexion too! Which is essential to me.

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Reduze provide 8X more weight loss , -29% calorie intake and each doze contain 20 billion live probiotics! How many yakult do i need to drink to have this much probiotics ?

For normal effect, simply take 2 pills once daily before food and for faster effect, you can take up to 3 pills once daily before food. Once the desired effect is achieved, reduce the dosage back to 2. Pretty simple to remember if you ask me.

Here are some frequently asked question about diet pills that everyone is curious about.

Q: How long will I be able to see results? 

Result varies for each individual. Reduze PRO works in hours for those with constipation problems. For weight loss, some may observe changes within 1 to 2 weeks if weight gain is due to lack of exercise; particularly those who does not overeat. Others may take up to 3 to 6 weeks, especially those with poor dietary habits or unhealthy lifestyle, and the obese. It is recommended to take Reduze PRO consecutively for at least 4 weeks to feel the initial difference.

Q: Is there any side effects for long term consumption? 

No adverse side effect has been discovered so far. Reduze PRO is made from all natural ingredients thus it is suitable for long term consumption.

Q: Will Reduze PRO induce diarrhoea? 

No. Probiotics used in Reduze PRO is a smart bacteria that can help to regulate our bowel movement naturally. It can also help to relieve symptoms of diarrhoea. 

Q: What is Synbiotic? 

Synbiotic contains probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are good bacteria that maintain the micro flora in our intestines. Prebiotics is the food source for probiotics

I'm not someone who always tried diet pills, but since this was send to me, I'm trying out to see whether it will shows any result too. However, do remember that result varies from individual so I will also keep a record for this trial.

If you want to give this a try, you can get your Reduze pro from almost everywhere!
Guardian, John little, Metro, NTUC fair price, Robinson, Sasa, Unity and my personal favourite Watson.

Each box can last up to 1 month at the price $128 per box for 60 capsules.


Here some good news to you if you want to purchase Reduze Pro over the holiday season!!


From 17 Nov till 31 Dec, there will be a $10 off promotion with minimum purchase of $128 (1 box of Reduze Pro).

Simply use the promo code " REDUZEPRO10" upon making payment.
Limited to only 1 time usage per Rakuten member. 

Let's detox and feast for this festive season!

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