Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Dinner and Dance 2014

Hello everyone.
This is the 1st D&D I ever attend.
Really grateful to meet everyone although the foods aren't good.
But still...

I know it's a short post but still to keep as a memory for me :]

 photo 10409152_10152643200648172_5594382263369978392_n.jpg  photo 10417784_10152643198273172_5033500711189377597_n.jpg  photo 10449515_10152643198218172_3388341758322779523_n.jpg  photo 10428679_10152643216763172_5197029837704757952_n.jpg  photo 10261980_10152563863666379_1182547412555691367_n.jpg  photo 10402533_10152643216718172_5227286163387761065_n.jpg

Till my next post~
bye :]

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