Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Happy 26th Birthday my old man

Somewhere last month, it was Jeremiah 26th birthday.
Didn't really planned because I really run out of idea and surprise for him. So, it was a small celebration without any cake this year :x

Even the present that I got for him wasn't anything special. But I really ran out of idea on what to get for him, plus he refused to tell me what he need or want. Try to get hint from him whenever i'm out with him but still not vain about what to get for him.

Just got him something that he requested and totally no surprise this year. Perhaps the only "surprise" will be getting him the cathay platinum suite movie experience. Nothing fancy this year. Feel quite bad though :[

Still, I hope he enjoyed his day because HE GOT NO CHOICE. MUHAHAHA

 photo 20141115_113506.jpg  photo 20141115_120628.jpg  photo 20141115_133055.jpg 

We watched the movie Interstellar while having our lunch. I would say the experience is really good, foods aren't bad as well! Plus I really love the service from Cathay. The movie itself was nice too. I purposely choose this movie because of the duration but still find the movie really nice even though I don't get some part of the movie especially toward the ending. Oh well. 

The pricing was quite reasonable although frankly speaking, I would not spend that much for movie on a normal day.  SGD38 excluding booking fee and foods/drinks per person. Really expensive but for a special occasion, I would say worth the experience. 

 photo 20141115_201645.jpg  photo 20141115_204026.jpg 
We went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner later that night. Pretty pricy but the steaks were really nice and tender. Not quite sure if the food is really good or I just have lower expectation but for the portion, I find the price reasonable since beefs are usually on the higher price range as compare to other meats.

 photo 20141115_223358.jpg
We ended the day by taking some selfies and shopping around town.
Hope this old man enjoyed himself with the movie experience and the company of fatty gwen :D

Till then,

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