Saturday, December 27, 2014

Random post

Recently, I just bought a book...
It wasn't any ordinary book... It was an idol photo book.. HAHAHA
I didn't realised it was a photo book until I open up and start reading it.

Back to the main point ...

Going to to US is 1 of the dream country I wanted to go.
Wanted to head down to LA to see the beach and those Youtube gurus' life. New York for the buzzing city, Las Vega for the night life , Seattle , Chicago and Boston.

I even had plan to go over to UCLA to study communication (which of course, didn't happen)!

But after looking through the book where Yen J was from, San Francisco or the bay area. It make me want to go there too!

The pier 39, fisherman's wharf and angel island! SO PRETTY! Plus the iconic Golden Gate. Also, from what I know, the bay area is usually colder as compare to other part of California. Which is not too bad! I would LOVE to experience colder climate too.

I can't seem to find photos/scans from his book. So just enjoy this song~
Which I have secretly been singing whenever I'm on the train or bathing.. Heehee.. Maybe I should start my singing attack on J soon!!

Really like it when he speak English~~
Totally my eye candy type. 
Tall and skinny. HAHAHA
Plus talented and play the trombone. 
Heart eyes all the ways.....

A super random post.. I guess I have nothing to do while waiting for my hair to dry..
Till next time~

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