Thursday, December 31, 2015

SCINIC My Toner Witch Hazel

It's a new year and time for me to get back to blogging phrase.
Finally gotten all the travel photos from J and I will be blogging about our trip very soon.
So for the time being, I shall do a short review on my current favourite toner to get the blogging feel.

I have been using this toner which I've gotten in Seoul for the past months and loving it!

The main reason why I got this is purely because of its packaging. Plus it was really cheap. You can get this product either at Watson or Olive young. I was torn between Witch Hazel or Rosewater.. In the end I decided to get Witch Hazel because of the healing property. Oh boy, I should just gotten both!

 photo 20151219_133355.jpg 

I'm sure many of you will have heard before how good witch hazel is for acne prone skin and for people with problematic skin condition. 

This toner contain at least 90% witch hazel and for someone like me who has never try before witch hazel product would be a perfect start. The scent is not offensive at all and in fact, the smell is really refreshing. The toner is really gently and doesn't irritate my skin at all. 

It also help to clean off any impurity that might be left behind by our cleansing foam. So this is an important step to ensure our skin are clean from all the dirts and dusts. 

 photo 20151219_133502.jpg 

I'm not sure if all the witch hazel products will be the same, but this is really helping my skin condition to improve. I have checked the ingredients and it doesn't contain any alcohol at all. It feel really refreshing and clean after using the toner plus it doesn't make my skin feel tight at all. 

 photo 20151219_133559.jpg

The only downside of this product is it dried out quickly once it's on the cotton pad. So, it's important to use it as soon as possible once you have pour onto the cotton pad. And, unable to get this product in Singapore!! 

So, a quick review on my current favourite toner and I'm gonna hunt on how to find this product Singapore! 

Till the next time

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Banila Co It Radiant Brightening Mist

Hello everyone~
I have been adding some new skincare products that I brought all the way from Korea!!
There were so much things to buy but so little money for me to shop haha!
Will blog about my Korea trip really soon after J pass me all the photos.

Anyway, this post is going to be a quick review on this brightening mist.
I can't seem to find any review on this product yet, so here is what I feel about this mist!

I have been watching a few Korean youtube guru and I realised that they like to add mist as part of their skincare. So I have been trying out a few mists that are available in Singapore but currently I'm using this.

Banila co is famous for their skincare product, however, this is the only skincare product that I bought from them. As they are on the higher price range as compare to other brands such as Etude house, Innisfree and others.

 photo 20151103_224803.jpg 

Basically, the base ingredients are almost similar. Mineral water. However, for this particular mist, there are 10 different flowers complex included! 

Each flowers has a different function and below are the listed flowers that are being use in the mist.

 photo 20151103_225031.jpg 

I must say that this mist, has the most fine application. The spray is so fine that you can't feel anything at all!! You can totally spray this with your eyes wide open! O.O
It doesn't irritate your eyes at all! The finest mist I've tried so far! 

You can also use this product to set your makeup as well or spray on your face whenever you feel that your face is really dehydrated and need something to waken up yourself! Plus the flowers scent make it so much enjoyable to use! 

So far, I haven't see any improvement yet.. 
Once again, because there is whitening property in this product. Most of the time I don't really react well to whitening products :/ 

Still, I'm loving this product!! 
Shall do a blog about different mists that I've tried soon! 

 photo 20151103_225112.jpg

Just a quick review on this product! 
Hopefully more people will try and give their opinions too! 

Till then,

Monday, October 19, 2015

Advertorial : Essential CC Oil & Night Care Milk

Once again, I am very lucky to be able to work with my favourite hair brand Essential to test out their new products.

In fact, I brought these products along with me to Korea which is why this post is a little bit overdue. Nonetheless, Essential definitely prove to me how effective their products are!

 photo 20151019_222341.jpg 

Do you know that CC is not just for our face anymore? CC stand for Cuticle Care and this time, it's for our precious hair! It has the same function as our normal CC cream and this CC oil that essential has came out with form a protective coat to our hair and protect our hair against the 5 hair stresses that we encounter every single day!

 photo Essential CC Oil 60ml.jpg
Retail at : SGD$11.90 
 photo evilhairstress.jpg

I am definitely guilty for most of the stress that are listed above such as
 1. Blow drying my hair every single night. I always wash my hair at night and my hair usually take super long to dry. If i'm not lazy to sleep with wet hair, I will be using full heat to dry my hair as soon as possible! 

 2. Combing causes friction but everyone need to comb our hair right? Especially when we comb our wet hair. It cause tons of stress to our hair. 

 3. Despite cutting away all the permed hair that I used to have. My hair are still on the drier side and causing a lot of problem to me. Especially when I work in an air conditional environment. My poor hair will be in so much stress due to insufficient moisture retain in my hair.

 photo 20151019_222441.jpg

Even thought it is an oil base, it doesn't feel oily at all! In fact, it dried up super fast and smell really good! I use to apply before I blow dry my hair and on the next day before heading out of the door. Really give my hair some life to it! 

Next product! You will not find it new but it is definitely an improved version of what they had offered previously! 
 photo Essential Night Care Milk 100ml.jpg 
Retail : SGD11.90

This is their is their new and improved night care milk. Previously, I had tried their 1st version and totally love it and even converted my best friend to love this product! Because the result is almost 100%! 

 The Essential Night Care Milk protects the hair from “Pillow Friction”, intensively repairs and moisturises the hair in the wee hours of the night. Coupled with cuticle coat protection ingredients, its rich yet non- greasy milk formula weightlessly leaves hair smooth and manageable the next morning!
 photo 20151019_222516.jpg

This product is more on the creamier side and you can also use this before blow drying your hair to protect your hair against the heat and getting ready for bed! Let the product do the magic and you will wake up with the perfect hair! No bad hair day again! 

Want to win some prizes from Essential ? 

Play Essential’s Mane Hero Facebook game and combat the 5 evil Hair Stress Brothers and Pesky Pillow King and win attractive weekly prizes! Go to to play!

Show you some of the photos that I took when I was in Seoul. Basically everyday is a good hair day! Plus there are more a lot of static when I was in Korea. So these products actually help to tame my hair most of the time! 

 photo 20151015_133910.jpg  photo 20151014_151722.jpg  photo 20151011_140528.jpg  
And there are actually days when I didn't even bother to comb my hair and yet I don't have to worry that I look like I just got out of bed! That's how good these products are! 
So, what are you waiting for? Head down to the nearest stores to grab both products to try it yourself!  Both are retailing at SGD$11.90! 

Till the next time,

Friday, October 2, 2015


Let's start with the earliest meet up that I can still remember with Puaysee!
It's always fun to meet up with her and all the endless chit chat~

We had some Vietnamese food.
If I remember correctly, the shop is call Wrap & Roll.
I won't said it's the best Vietnamese food around, but if you are having some major craving. I think this is sufficient to subside your craving.

Personally I feel that Nam Nam is better. But still, I prefer other places that I managed to hunt for authentic Vietnamese foods.

Wrap & Roll
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-19,
Singapore 238801

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0005.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0009.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0007.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0010.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0013.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0011.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0014.jpg

Some more photos of foods!

Went to this Mongolian BBQ buffet with Claire, Terence, SoonJin and Woon!
A quiet place but serve pretty good food. Most are really mediocre , but some are really nice!

We just keep taking plates of crabs after crabs.
Plus, the price is really affordable too!

 photo 20150919_193048.jpg  photo 20150919_193032.jpg 

Another round of Vietnamese foods! J and me randomly saw this place while he was sending me home some days ago. We were really curious as there are a lot of people waiting and dining at the place. So, we decided to have our dinner there.

Totally worth it! We used to visit 1 stall at Joo Chiat area whenever we are craving for Vietnamese food because that's where you can find all the authentic Vietnamese restaurants. 
J found this place serve better and cheaper food. Definitely give this a try! The stall is just opposite City Plaza! 
511 Guillemard Road 
#01-25 ( Grandlink Square), 
Singapore 399849

 photo 20150916_192305.jpg  photo 20150916_192455.jpg  photo 20150916_192506.jpg 

Randomly found this cadbury digestive biscuit at Mustafa!
Super LOVED it! But also super sinful as there are chocolate filled at the other side of the biscuit. 
 photo 20150924_101034.jpg  photo 20150924_101546.jpg 
Random meet up with my favourite Crystal Unnie~
Had this super awesome black pork set. The soup is loved! 

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison
333A Orchard Road #02-35/36
Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6733 4541
 photo 20150926_140002.jpg

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Mummy Birthday celebration

So my eldest sis book a fancy restaurant near the airport and we had an early celebration for my mum this year. Foods wise was really delicious and I really enjoyed eating the peking duck! Oh my god! 
The skin is super duper crispy and sweet. 

I can't remember what's the exact name of the restaurant but it is the only Chinese restaurant inside crown plaza hotel. 

 photo 20150905_205646.jpg  photo 20150905_205632.jpg  photo IMG-20150905-WA0002.jpeg  photo IMG-20150905-WA0004.jpeg  photo IMG-20150905-WA0006.jpeg  photo IMG-20150905-WA0008.jpeg 

On the actual day of my mum birthday, we went to have crab in da bag near the stadium.
The view is really nice despite the haze, quality of the foods are good as well, but for the price... I feel that there are better places that serve cheaper and quality seafood.

 photo 20150922_202313.jpg  photo IMG-20150922-WA0002.jpeg  photo 20150922_203613.jpg 

Don't get me wrong, the foods are good but like i mention earlier, I just can't justify the price to it. It will be better if you go with a big group as the portion can be huge! And eating off the table seem quite cool right! After all, you will not be judge for "playing" with your foods. Haha

Crab in da bag
8 Stadium Walk 
#02-05 Water Sports Centre 
Singapore 397699 
Tel: +65 6384 3511

 photo 20150922_203711.jpg  photo 20150922_213809.jpg  photo 20150922_213840.jpg

Just a short post to note down some of the places that I tried.
Old Jiaqi = fading memory..

Sunday, September 13, 2015

DreamWorks animation the exhibition

Because it was my birthday, so J let me choose what I wanted to do on that day.
Heard from my colleague that there is this exhibition for dream works.
So, I was so excited because I rarely go these kind of exhibition anymore.

 photo 20150828_144051.jpg  photo 20150828_144248.jpg  photo 20150828_144315.jpg  photo 20150828_144521.jpg  photo 20150828_144822.jpg  photo 20150828_145339.jpg  photo 20150828_145635.jpg  photo 20150828_145639.jpg  photo 20150828_145717.jpg  photo 20150828_145749.jpg  photo 20150828_145825.jpg  photo 20150828_145849.jpg  photo 20150828_145922.jpg  photo 20150828_150729.jpg  photo 20150828_152821.jpg  photo 20150828_152849.jpg  photo 20150828_152944.jpg  photo 20150828_153854.jpg  photo 20150828_154539.jpg   photo 20150828_163852.jpg 
We went 3 exhibitions in total. Other than dream works, we went the deep which is exhibit on those deep sea creatures. They look kind of freaky but it was cool to see how those deep sea creature look like. I'm always amazed by how deep the ocean is and what are the type of creatures that deep down in the seabed. 
 photo 20150828_182413.jpg  photo 20150828_223707.jpg 
Thank you for the present and taking me to the exhibitions although you keep complaining about the parking fee. And I keep niam (nagged) you that I didn't want to have buffet. 

1 day after my work, he bought me to fat cat ice cream bar because I wanted to try out their charcoal waffle with salted egg sauce. 

Frankly speaking, I didn't enjoyed the waffle with salted egg sauce. But, I really enjoyed the ice cream! Perhaps the next time I go, I will just save my money and order the ice cream instead. Not too sure is it because there were many other customers waiting thus I think the waffles wasn't nice. Oh well.....
 photo 20150902_191813.jpg  photo 20150905_180236.jpg

A quick update for memory sake. 
If you are thinking of going the exhibition, I think it's worth going. 
Although there are some cartoon I didn't even heard before, but seeing how they actually created the whole animation movie is still quite cool! 

Really make me so sure that, giving up graphic designer was a right choice for me. HAHAHAHA
Not that I'm good to begin with. HAHAHA

But, must really appreciate all their hard works! Seeing how they make just 1 scene with how many storyboard and frames in the program. 

Till next time,