Thursday, May 7, 2015

Project #savegwenface

For the last few months, my face condition has been really bad because of a few products that causes outbreak.

My face is still in the midst of recovering, and still a few acne scars that left over.. But I should be glad that there wasn't much new outbreak..  I shall talk about that in some other post soon.. However, I don't really have the before photo with acne..

Been trying out a few new products and trying to use up 1 of my old moisturiser before using the one for acne.

Trying out this whitening serum for the time being. I hope it will clear up my scar soon...
Etude House White Moistfull Mela Perfect Serum.

 photo 20150417_215817.jpg  photo 20150417_215748.jpg 
Also, this new facial machine that is a dupe for fore luna mini. 
I got this Calla cleanse from Clariancy.
Still trying out this thing. So far so good.. Although I not sure if it will help to clear my skin, but I really feel super clean after washing my face with it. 
 photo 20150409_220947.jpg

A short post on some of the new products that I am trying out to save my face..
Might do a details reviews on this..

That's all for now~
Till then,

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