Friday, May 1, 2015

Shokudo - Cineleisure

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Shokudo at cineleisure is one of our favourite dating place to go!
The foods are really nice with huge portion size! But it seem like the restaurants are harder to find now...

For those who are not familiar with Shokudo, they sell mostly Japanese Cuisine dishes. Really yummy and not too oily. I love their burger the most because of the portion size and although it looks kinda oily but believe me, it's really not.

Their macha drinks/desserts are really yummy too. The drink that J order was Macha float, it will be better if the ice cream was macha flavour too! But I guess that might be a little too much of macha.. Haha.

Although there was a period of time I hate going there because J had been bringing me there every time we were in town..

Nonetheless if you want to have a decent meal with affordable price range at a restaurant in town, definitely go try Shokudo.

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