Saturday, May 23, 2015

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Pur Couture #51 Corail Urbain and #52 Rouge Rose

Hello everyone!

Once again, I bought my favourite YSL lipstick on my way to Bangkok a few weeks ago in DFS.
Even J also give up on me because he know that we have to check in early just for me to shop and look for my YSL items... #noshame!

Anyway, there is a valid reason why I gotten 2 lipsticks this time instead of 1 which was my usual. Because, I wanted the shade 52 badly!! Even since the Korean drama ; My love from another stars, this shade was sold out in Asia!!

It's the exact colour that Cheon Song Yi wore.. Although I managed to find the colour in Singapore airport BUT they only sell in a set which include lip stain and lip gloss. Which I know I would never use it. Therefore, I gotten shade 51 instead because I like the pinkish nude.

Then, on my way back from Bangkok airport. I managed to find shade #52!!! Just grab and go before  rushing to take my flight back to Singapore. Actually, I find that the luxury pricing in Bangkok is either the same or higher. So, no point buying in Bangkok actually. But either way, I'm happy to get the shade I wanted badly!!

Enough of the side story and back to the review.

 photo SAM_4338.jpg 
Let's talk about #51 Corail Urbain. This is a orangish nude with white based. Although this shade is a white based colour, i'm surprise that it doesn't wash me out as much as I thought it will. 
 photo SAM_4343.jpg  photo SAM_4345.jpg 
The colour is not as intense as #52, definitely an everyday colour that I can wear to work. Not too loud if your job required you to meet client. The lipstick is moisturising and forgiving for people with dry/wrinkle lip. 
 photo SAM_4353.jpg 
Next is the ever popular colour #52 Rouge Rose. This is lipstick definitely has a much intense colour payoff. If you are not comfortable in wearing red lip like me yet want an intense lip colour, definitely give this shade a try. 
 photo SAM_4344.jpg  photo SAM_4347.jpg 
The lip swatch show how intense the lipstick payoff, but you can definitely blot and have the soft look as what cheon song yi wore most of the time. I find that this colour is more worth it because you can play with the intensity for different looks. 

I find that this colour is more moisturising that the previous one. Not too sure is it because of the colour or what. But this doesn't even show any line that my lip has! 
 photo SAM_4356.jpg 
Comparison of both colour; Even though their colour code is just next to each other, their colour is completely different from each other.
 photo SAM_4349.jpg  photo SAM_4368.jpg
In conclusion, I find that this lipstick in not as moisturising as Volupté Shine nor the smell. This smell like the lip stain which has the "plastic" scent rather than a fruity scent like Volupté Shine. Still, I think it's worth to have these in my collection. Mainly because of the packaging. Heehee

Guess it's time for me to switch to other cosmetic product when  I shop in duty free rather than lipstick. Haha, I have TOO MANY lipsticks right now..  

That's all for this review!
Do you have any other YSL products to recommend?



  1. wow the #52 is absolutely amazing no wonder it was sold out!!
    thx for the review Gwen ;)

    1. No problem! Yup, it's really pretty! :D