Monday, June 1, 2015

Advertorial : Your Perfect Solution to Combination Hair

Hello everyone~
Once again, I am really lucky to work with 1 of my favourite brand to bring this review to you girls.

Essential had recently launch 2 new lines for people who has problematic hair condition just like me!
These new lines are a life saver for people who has combination hair. So, what is combination hair?

Combination hair are mixture of oily roots and dry end. And currently in the market, there isn't any shampoo that are specially targeted for hair condition that are of these mixed.

BUT Essential new Light Finish Volumizing (yellow) and Deep Cleansing Care (blue) variants brings the best of both worlds to you! With the optimum combination of Smart Cuticle Care & Sebum Cleansing Technology, you can now achieve moisturized hair ends while maintaining a refreshed breathable scalp.

 photo SAM_4398.jpg

Using this brush help to remove any build up accumulated in your roots and gave your scalp a comfortable massage that aids in blood circulation and promotes relaxation. Which feel extremely luxury just like i'm justing my facial brush. 

The massaging action on the scalp also helps improve blood circulation and promote relaxation. Now you can have a scalp massage without going to the salon!

 photo SAM_4399.jpg

 photo Essential Deep Cleansing Care Shampoo 750ml.jpg

My review: I have been using the deep cleansing care shampoo and conditioner together with the shampoo brush. I really feel that my roots is not as oily also, my drys end are more manageable now.  The shampoo lather really well and by using the brush definitely make me feel that I have clean my hair throughly. Plus Essential shampoo has the nicest scent that people are curious about what shampoo I used.

 photo GEss_Shampoo Brush Banded Pack.jpg
For girls who like to do manicure, using the brush will help to prolong your manicure as you do not have to use your fingers to massage your scalp! 

Here your chance to grab the shampoo brush with Essential banded packs including Essential Shampoo 750ml + Conditioner 750ml with free Massage Shampoo Brush in hot pink or mint green available from mid-May 2015 at all leading supermarkets ONLY at $19.60! 

You can also redeem the free samples of Deep Cleansing Care shampoo & conditioner at and follow Essential on Instagram at @essentialsingapore for updates!

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