Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Bangkok 2015

Hello everyone~
Recently, I went to Bangkok with J for a short getaway~
However, once again.. We didn't take lots of pictures.
I realised as we grow older, we didn't really like to take photo...

But we did went to most of the malls that I wanted to go.. So, it is not that bad! Just that I won't be giving much reviews on each days since most of the time we are in shopping malls.

 photo 20150502_105545.jpg  photo 20150502_154238.jpg  photo 20150502_155837 1.jpg  photo 20150502_184022.jpg  photo 20150502_184244.jpg  photo 20150502_210028.jpg  photo 20150503_021412.jpg  photo 20150503_104811.jpg  photo 20150503_113249.jpg  photo 20150503_120724.jpg  photo 20150503_162755.jpg  photo IMG-20150504-WA0015.jpg  photo 20150503_165335.jpg  photo 20150503_185306.jpg  photo 20150503_202928.jpg  photo 20150503_225046.jpg  photo 20150504_115451.jpg  photo 20150504_140033.jpg  photo 20150504_172239.jpg  photo 20150504_174612.jpg  photo 20150504_191046.jpg  photo 20150504_220933.jpg

Actually I felt so sad that I didn't take much photos as memories..
So, I can't really remember a lot of stuffs.. I guess because my current camera is really bulky..
Perhaps it's time for me to change back to a compact camera instead of my current semi-pro :(

But no, I would not get a go pro because I don't think I would use it very often since i'm not really an outdoor person..

Just a short post to remind myself of this trip.
Really hope I will be able to meet my uncle next time..

Till next time~

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