Saturday, July 25, 2015

Innisfree Green Tea Sleeping Pack

Hello, it has been a while since I last update my blog..
Trying to get to the swing of blogging once again after such a long break~

Had been trying to clear up all my samples that I received over the month, thus expecting more shorter product reviews since I will be trying out mostly samples. Provided i'm not lazy to update.. Haha..

Somehow, I really need to make my blogging apps works.. It just doesn't seem to connect to the correct email for me to update my blog!

Nonetheless, let's begin the review~

I have been testing out this innisfree green tea sleeping pack for the past weeks, using it on my face on every alternate night.

As most people are aware, innisfree is famous for their green tea products. Thus, I have high hope on this product.

 photo 20150708_223133.jpg 

The consistency is gel-like with some tiny bits. I was shock initially as I thought this was supposed to be an exfoliant rather than sleeping mask! 

However after leaving it on my face for a few minutes, you won't even find the bits on your face!  
You can definitely smell the scent, but it is not strong to a point that it will bother me. Despite the mask dried within a few minutes, my face still feel hydrated the next day! 

Perfect for girls with oily skin or like to turn and toss on the bed! Need not worry that the gel will stain the pillow as it does not have the sticky feeling! Tried and tested! beauty 
 photo 20150708_223222.jpg
Rating : 4/ 5
Overall, I would still purchase this sleeping pack if I ever have the chance.. As I am still trying hard to clear off all the masks that I have bought/gifted. Because this is a sample size, I haven't see any amazing result. But hey, at least it doesn't break me out! 

Till next time,
will definitely try to keep this blog of mine alive~

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