Monday, August 3, 2015

Lancôme Génifique -Youth Activating Face & Eye Serum


Hello everyone!

Once again, it is another short review on the sample products that I tried over the weeks.
This time, I was trying out Lancome products which I got from my colleagues. They shared the link and asked me to try and see if I like this products.

Apparently, I heard that this products will help to give your skin the radiant look every morning since this serum is for night time. I was really excited because I heard good reviews on Lancome products previously and this time, they provided 1 week supply of samples! However, I managed to use it over 2 weeks!
 photo 20150616_214136.jpg photo 20150726_011134.jpg

These 2 products if i'm not mistaken happened to be their new star products. Although this is foil sample, they do have quite a lot of product in it! So it is sufficient for you to test and see if you really like the product and whether the product suit your skin.

I really like the texture of the youth activating face serum. It's a super light weight serum that dry almost instantly. My skin felt much tighter after applying this. And I also feel that my skin look rosy the next day! Products seem to absorb faster as wells!

The only downside is I don't really like the smell. It can be quite strong especially on the first day of using this. Definitely need to get used to the scent. Also, the serum is toward the runny side. So, you gotten to be careful when pouring out the serum from the foil packaging. I guess that is why on the full sized package, its came in a droplet bottle.
 photo 20150726_011248.jpg 

As for the eye cream, This is definitely not my favourite. The texture of the eye serum is slightly thicker. If i were to use this as my day eye cream, i will feel that my under eye concealer is moving around my eyes bag area.

However, for night use it is really comfortable and my eyes feel moisture the next day. You really only need a tiny amount of the eye serum for both eyes.  Any excess, I would usually use it on my lips.

 photo 20150726_011511.jpg

Overall, do I enjoy using this product ?
Yes and No.

For the face serum, I would rate is at 4/5 stars. Although I do see some result, I don't see what its claim. 7 days to see a huge different. Guess that is the marketing strategy.

As for the eye serum : 3/5 stars. Personally I don't enjoy the eye cream because of the richness in the cream which make it unsuitable for daytime usage. Next, I feel that it doesn't seem to make any different. Perhaps, the eye cream will be much suitable for a mature skin ?

This is just an overall review from me. Products definitely differ from each person.

Till next time,
-Gwen xoxo

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