Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Singapore Zoo | Koala Mania

Weeks ago Zhihan was back in Singapore for a short stay. We decided to meet up and visit the zoo sine he hasn't been to river safari to see the pandas. Though Puay see and me visited the zoo and river safari previously, we still decided to go together.

Anyway, they were having some major discounts on the tickets! We bought both zoo and river safari tickets at less than SGD40!

My main purpose for visiting the zoo was to see the Koala. They are the new attraction to our boring zoo.

 photo 20150719_150748.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0025.jpg  photo 20150719_170542.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0023.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0017.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0018.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0034.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0032.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0040.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0066.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0049.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0067.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0102.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0106.jpg  photo IMG-20150719-WA0105.jpg

And thank you so much Zhi Han for bringing back minions kinder surprise from Aussie!!!
So darm cute!!

 photo 20150719_213234.jpg

Till next time,
Gwen xo

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