Sunday, September 13, 2015

DreamWorks animation the exhibition

Because it was my birthday, so J let me choose what I wanted to do on that day.
Heard from my colleague that there is this exhibition for dream works.
So, I was so excited because I rarely go these kind of exhibition anymore.

 photo 20150828_144051.jpg  photo 20150828_144248.jpg  photo 20150828_144315.jpg  photo 20150828_144521.jpg  photo 20150828_144822.jpg  photo 20150828_145339.jpg  photo 20150828_145635.jpg  photo 20150828_145639.jpg  photo 20150828_145717.jpg  photo 20150828_145749.jpg  photo 20150828_145825.jpg  photo 20150828_145849.jpg  photo 20150828_145922.jpg  photo 20150828_150729.jpg  photo 20150828_152821.jpg  photo 20150828_152849.jpg  photo 20150828_152944.jpg  photo 20150828_153854.jpg  photo 20150828_154539.jpg   photo 20150828_163852.jpg 
We went 3 exhibitions in total. Other than dream works, we went the deep which is exhibit on those deep sea creatures. They look kind of freaky but it was cool to see how those deep sea creature look like. I'm always amazed by how deep the ocean is and what are the type of creatures that deep down in the seabed. 
 photo 20150828_182413.jpg  photo 20150828_223707.jpg 
Thank you for the present and taking me to the exhibitions although you keep complaining about the parking fee. And I keep niam (nagged) you that I didn't want to have buffet. 

1 day after my work, he bought me to fat cat ice cream bar because I wanted to try out their charcoal waffle with salted egg sauce. 

Frankly speaking, I didn't enjoyed the waffle with salted egg sauce. But, I really enjoyed the ice cream! Perhaps the next time I go, I will just save my money and order the ice cream instead. Not too sure is it because there were many other customers waiting thus I think the waffles wasn't nice. Oh well.....
 photo 20150902_191813.jpg  photo 20150905_180236.jpg

A quick update for memory sake. 
If you are thinking of going the exhibition, I think it's worth going. 
Although there are some cartoon I didn't even heard before, but seeing how they actually created the whole animation movie is still quite cool! 

Really make me so sure that, giving up graphic designer was a right choice for me. HAHAHAHA
Not that I'm good to begin with. HAHAHA

But, must really appreciate all their hard works! Seeing how they make just 1 scene with how many storyboard and frames in the program. 

Till next time,

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