Friday, October 2, 2015


Let's start with the earliest meet up that I can still remember with Puaysee!
It's always fun to meet up with her and all the endless chit chat~

We had some Vietnamese food.
If I remember correctly, the shop is call Wrap & Roll.
I won't said it's the best Vietnamese food around, but if you are having some major craving. I think this is sufficient to subside your craving.

Personally I feel that Nam Nam is better. But still, I prefer other places that I managed to hunt for authentic Vietnamese foods.

Wrap & Roll
ION Orchard
2 Orchard Turn, #B3-19,
Singapore 238801

 photo IMG-20150830-WA0005.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0009.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0007.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0010.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0013.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0011.jpg  photo IMG-20150830-WA0014.jpg

Some more photos of foods!

Went to this Mongolian BBQ buffet with Claire, Terence, SoonJin and Woon!
A quiet place but serve pretty good food. Most are really mediocre , but some are really nice!

We just keep taking plates of crabs after crabs.
Plus, the price is really affordable too!

 photo 20150919_193048.jpg  photo 20150919_193032.jpg 

Another round of Vietnamese foods! J and me randomly saw this place while he was sending me home some days ago. We were really curious as there are a lot of people waiting and dining at the place. So, we decided to have our dinner there.

Totally worth it! We used to visit 1 stall at Joo Chiat area whenever we are craving for Vietnamese food because that's where you can find all the authentic Vietnamese restaurants. 
J found this place serve better and cheaper food. Definitely give this a try! The stall is just opposite City Plaza! 
511 Guillemard Road 
#01-25 ( Grandlink Square), 
Singapore 399849

 photo 20150916_192305.jpg  photo 20150916_192455.jpg  photo 20150916_192506.jpg 

Randomly found this cadbury digestive biscuit at Mustafa!
Super LOVED it! But also super sinful as there are chocolate filled at the other side of the biscuit. 
 photo 20150924_101034.jpg  photo 20150924_101546.jpg 
Random meet up with my favourite Crystal Unnie~
Had this super awesome black pork set. The soup is loved! 

Tonkatsu by Ma Maison
333A Orchard Road #02-35/36
Mandarin Gallery
Tel: +65 6733 4541
 photo 20150926_140002.jpg

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