Thursday, November 5, 2015

Banila Co It Radiant Brightening Mist

Hello everyone~
I have been adding some new skincare products that I brought all the way from Korea!!
There were so much things to buy but so little money for me to shop haha!
Will blog about my Korea trip really soon after J pass me all the photos.

Anyway, this post is going to be a quick review on this brightening mist.
I can't seem to find any review on this product yet, so here is what I feel about this mist!

I have been watching a few Korean youtube guru and I realised that they like to add mist as part of their skincare. So I have been trying out a few mists that are available in Singapore but currently I'm using this.

Banila co is famous for their skincare product, however, this is the only skincare product that I bought from them. As they are on the higher price range as compare to other brands such as Etude house, Innisfree and others.

 photo 20151103_224803.jpg 

Basically, the base ingredients are almost similar. Mineral water. However, for this particular mist, there are 10 different flowers complex included! 

Each flowers has a different function and below are the listed flowers that are being use in the mist.

 photo 20151103_225031.jpg 

I must say that this mist, has the most fine application. The spray is so fine that you can't feel anything at all!! You can totally spray this with your eyes wide open! O.O
It doesn't irritate your eyes at all! The finest mist I've tried so far! 

You can also use this product to set your makeup as well or spray on your face whenever you feel that your face is really dehydrated and need something to waken up yourself! Plus the flowers scent make it so much enjoyable to use! 

So far, I haven't see any improvement yet.. 
Once again, because there is whitening property in this product. Most of the time I don't really react well to whitening products :/ 

Still, I'm loving this product!! 
Shall do a blog about different mists that I've tried soon! 

 photo 20151103_225112.jpg

Just a quick review on this product! 
Hopefully more people will try and give their opinions too! 

Till then,

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