Thursday, December 31, 2015

SCINIC My Toner Witch Hazel

It's a new year and time for me to get back to blogging phrase.
Finally gotten all the travel photos from J and I will be blogging about our trip very soon.
So for the time being, I shall do a short review on my current favourite toner to get the blogging feel.

I have been using this toner which I've gotten in Seoul for the past months and loving it!

The main reason why I got this is purely because of its packaging. Plus it was really cheap. You can get this product either at Watson or Olive young. I was torn between Witch Hazel or Rosewater.. In the end I decided to get Witch Hazel because of the healing property. Oh boy, I should just gotten both!

 photo 20151219_133355.jpg 

I'm sure many of you will have heard before how good witch hazel is for acne prone skin and for people with problematic skin condition. 

This toner contain at least 90% witch hazel and for someone like me who has never try before witch hazel product would be a perfect start. The scent is not offensive at all and in fact, the smell is really refreshing. The toner is really gently and doesn't irritate my skin at all. 

It also help to clean off any impurity that might be left behind by our cleansing foam. So this is an important step to ensure our skin are clean from all the dirts and dusts. 

 photo 20151219_133502.jpg 

I'm not sure if all the witch hazel products will be the same, but this is really helping my skin condition to improve. I have checked the ingredients and it doesn't contain any alcohol at all. It feel really refreshing and clean after using the toner plus it doesn't make my skin feel tight at all. 

 photo 20151219_133559.jpg

The only downside of this product is it dried out quickly once it's on the cotton pad. So, it's important to use it as soon as possible once you have pour onto the cotton pad. And, unable to get this product in Singapore!! 

So, a quick review on my current favourite toner and I'm gonna hunt on how to find this product Singapore! 

Till the next time

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