Sunday, March 20, 2016

Jerewen in Kimchiland #2 - Busan

So, this was the final day for us in Busan and we had planned to visit the Gam Cheon Culture Village because it was suppose to be the Busan Santorini!

That's the main reason why I wanted to visit Busan this time round! Started off the day with a cup of cafe latte from their convenient store. I swear everything in Seoul convenient store taste so much better than Singapore! And they have a huge range of foods and beverage!

 photo 20151011_115740.jpg 

I went to google a few blog to find the easiest way to get there. But I seriously couldn't remember I got this method from which blog. So, credit to the blogger who actually listed down the exact location and landmark!  

1. Taking Busan MRT line No. 1 to Toseong Station 토성역. 
2. Coming out from Toseong Station Exit 6, walk straight and turn right. Then walk straight. Take note of the small bus station board infront of the Pusan National University Hospital building (Block C, Cancer Centre) 

 3. Take the buses1-1 or 2-2 (green bus) and the bus driver will announce when you reach Gamcheon Cultural Village.

However, in the end we didn't took the bus up to the village. Jeremiah decided to brave through the cold wind and walked up thinking that it was nearby! 

Actually, I was a little sceptical as previous trip Jannah and I though that the stairs to nansam tower was short too.. In the end..... We were so damn wrong!!! Haha. But I promised this wasn't that bad at all! It was totally doable. Just that it's going to up slope most of the time.. 

 photo 20151011_133828.jpg  photo 20151011_133837.jpg 

Finally we reached the village in 1 piece. Even thought the weather was really cooling, we ended up sweating quite badly. Haha. Luckily there was another Korean couple walking up with us. 

 photo 20151011_135717.jpg  photo 20151011_141127.jpg 

I swear the view was really breathtaking! I can't imagine being at the real Santorini! It is going to be so awesome! I was telling Jere that we shall visit the one in Greece someday!

 photo 20151011_140935.jpg  photo 20151011_140312.jpg  photo 20151011_141046.jpg  photo 20151011_141250.jpg  photo 20151011_141506.jpg  photo 20151011_141452.jpg  photo 20151011_141749.jpg 
So after we were done at the busan Santorini, we lost our way. Because Jeremiah insist that that downhill is going to bring us back to the starting point instead of walking back. In the end, we were super off the map and lost. He insist to continue walking but after I check with the local, if we were to continue any further, there isn't any MTR at all!!!! 
Finally, I managed to convince him to walk back and took the bus back to the station where we came. 
So, we took the train to another location to find some seafood! 
 photo 20151011_165905.jpg  photo 20151011_163429.jpg  photo 20151011_163531.jpg  photo 20151011_170215.jpg  photo 20151011_170357.jpg  photo 20151011_171036.jpg  photo 20151011_171804.jpg 
The weather was killing me because it was really cold. We saw a Lotte mart nearby the fish market and decided to walk over. Even though it was cold, we still wanted to try this ice cream because many people was queuing for it! 
 photo 20151011_181558.jpg 
I wanted to try the line cafe, but there wasn't anything that look attractive. Plus it was super expensive and I don't feel like spending that much on desserts. Haha. Come to think of it, I should just tried for the sack of trying.
 photo 20151011_173811.jpg  photo 20151011_174149.jpg  photo 20151011_182116.jpg 
Ended our busan trip with another pack of honey potato chip! I preferred this! 
 photo 20151011_205106.jpg
This is the end of my Busan trip but in the next blog, it will be our Seoul trip!
Hopefully I can remember the places we went because I have terrible memory! 

Till then,

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