Monday, May 16, 2016

Jerewen in Kimchiland #3 - Seoul

So, this was our 1st meal at Busan station before we head back to Seoul. 
We planned to take the morning train but we didn't managed to made it. So if memory serve me right, we took the 11am train instead. Therefore, we were trying to kill times using their WIFI and me craving for food! 
 photo 20151012_111942.jpg 
This was our 1st meal in Seoul. We had a super early dinner because we were hungry haha. 
Oh well, since the previous meal we had was only the bread and shared among the 2 of us...
It was a new mall near Hongdae (yes, i'm still back the same area again. I love hongdae!) but the food isn't nice at all... Expensive too! We should head out to the other side instead haha. Guess we were too hungry.
 photo 20151012_170409.jpg  photo 20151012_182726.jpg 
I adore this bakery!! Everything look so pretty and nice!! We didn't get any cookies or biscuit though.. But we did bought a cake back to try and it's really nice!!! 
 photo 20151012_184130.jpg  photo 20151012_184146.jpg  photo 20151012_184301.jpg  photo 20151012_184326.jpg 
Was at forever 21 looking for gloves not because the weather is too cold, it was because J doesn't want to hold my hands as my hands turn really cold easily. WTH right ? In the end, I didn't get any gloves for this trip. HAHAHA. It's spring hello! It's not even cold! 
Anyway, the purpose of this photo is just to entertain J. I told him the boots are too long for me. So... yeah.. 
 photo 20151012_192426.jpg 
This fried chicken is DOPE!! It's somewhere in the middle of the street, that's always a queue everyday without fail! Even though i didn't get to eat again. :( 
 photo 20151012_202151.jpg  photo 20151013_093605.jpg ========
The next day was a full sight seeing day.
Palaces after palaces.. 
 photo 20151013_105630.jpg  photo 20151013_105707.jpg  photo 20151013_110042.jpg  photo 20151013_110456.jpg  photo 20151013_110511.jpg 
J love taking candid photos of me and majority of them are super unglam. 
Of course I would picked the nicest one~ 
 photo 20151013_110737.jpg 
And I broke my sunglasses JUST before taking this photo. Bumper.. There wasn't any stalls/ shops that sell sunglasses around the area. 
 photo 20151013_111158.jpg photo 20151013_110705.jpg  photo 20151013_111251.jpg  photo 20151013_115343.jpg  photo 20151013_115412.jpg  photo 20151013_112247.jpg  photo 20151013_112302.jpg  photo 20151013_112343.jpg  photo 20151013_112431.jpg  photo 20151013_115837.jpg  photo 20151013_115852.jpg  photo 20151013_114451.jpg  photo 20151013_114724.jpg  photo 20151013_114731.jpg  photo 20151013_115435 2.jpg 
We went to the famous ginseng chicken place..
It's really nice and worth every penny! 
Once again, J over ordered.... 
 photo 20151013_122840.jpg  photo 20151013_123357.jpg  photo 20151013_132941.jpg 
Pretty Insadong 
 photo 20151013_140922.jpg  photo 20151013_143821.jpg  photo 20151013_143902.jpg  photo 20151013_143912.jpg  photo 20151013_154546.jpg  photo 20151013_154634.jpg  photo 20151013_154707.jpg  photo 20151013_155046.jpg  photo 20151013_163035.jpg  photo 20151013_163141.jpg  photo 20151013_165131.jpg  photo 20151013_205830.jpg
And, we ended the day with our dinner at ehwa university area. 
Super love this!! Trying to find something similar in Singapore!! 
Till then,

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